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Canadian Hydrographic Service
S-57 Electronic Navigation Charts

ENC charts offer powerful onscreen navigation via an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and meet the official S-57 international standard.

  Canadian Hydrographic Service produces Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs). These are vector charts (or "smart charts") and carry additional information not available in paper or raster charts. ENCs carry a wealth of geo-spatial intelligence within the data and have a database of information associated with them. On an ENC chart, you can click on different features, such as a light or buoy, and retrieve additional information. For example, a wharf appears only as an image on a raster chart, but an ENC can identify it as a wharf and attach attributes to the wharf, such as height, length, age, ownership, number of berths and facilities – data that might otherwise be available only by consulting the relevant printed Sailing Directions.

ENC charts also allow users more control over the display of the chart, such as the ability to turn different layers of information on and off. Because ENCs offer more powerful navigational flexibility and tools, they are used by many commercial ships. When combined with GPS, radar, ship course, speed and draft in an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), ENCs become part of a powerful system that allows mariners to know their ship’s position instantly and accurately and to be warned of dangerous situations.

The purchase of an Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) CD includes a licence to use up to five copies of an ENC on one ship.

Navigation Software Required

Please note that Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) CD-ROMs do not contain navigation software or chart viewing software. You must have software that reads S-57 ENCs in order to use the charts.

Please note that S-57 ENCs are intended for use on commercial shipping vessels. Recreational boaters should purchase Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts in raster BSB V4.0 format.

All purchases of software are final. More information can be found in our Return Policy.

2013 Editions are available for the all of the following areas.

The 2013 Editions of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) are formatted to the S-57 standard.

Central Canada
Navigation software not included

Great Lakes - Superior and Huron $599.95
Great Lakes - Erie and Ontario $599.95
St. Lawrence River $599.95

Atlantic Coast
Navigation software not included

Gulf of St Lawrence $599.95
Nova Scotia - Bay of Fundy $599.95
Newfoundland East, South, and Labrador Coast $599.95

Pacific Coast
Navigation software not included

Vancouver Island East $599.95
Vancouver Island West - Queen Charlotte Islands $599.95

Navigation software not included

Northern Canada $599.95

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