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VNC: VFR Navigation Charts

The Visual Navigation Chart (VNC) is used by VFR pilots on short to extended cross country flight at medium altitudes and at low to medium airspeeds. The chart displays aeronautical information and sufficient topographic detail to facilitate air navigation through the use of a unique colour scheme, layer tinting, and shaded relief.

See below for an index to VFR Navigation (VFR) Charts, produced at a scale of 1:500,000. Detailed information is available by clicking on an area of the map, or see our price list to order.

VNC Charts are only available in paper format. The price is $16.50 each.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to ask us.


Visual Index of VNC Charts

VNC VFR Navigation Charts Fort Nelson, Air 5022 Whitehorse, Air 5028 Toronto, Air 5000 Sault Ste Marie, Air 5001 Thunder Bay, Air 5008 Lake Athabasca, Air 5023 Winnipeg, Air 5007 Regina, Air 5006 Vancouver, Air 5004 Flin Flon, Air 5016 Prince George, Air 5014 Kitimat, Air 5013 Fort Simpson, Air 5029 Wollaston Lake, Air 5024 Timmins, Air 5009 Montreal, Air 5002 Gander, Air 5012 Moncton, Air 5003 Goose Bay, Air 5020 Wabush, Air 5019 James Bay, Air 5018 Hudson Bay, Air 5025 Inukjuak, Air 5026 Ungava, Air 5027 Yellowknife, Air 5030 Rankin Inlet, Air 5031 Frobisher Bay, Air 5033 Foxe Basin, Air 5038 Great Bear Lake, Air 5035 Klondike, Air 5034 MacKenzie Delta, Air 5040 Resolute, Air 5046 Hazen Strait, Air 5048 Anticosti, Air 5011 Chicoutimi, Air 5010 Calgary, Air 5005 Big Trout Lake, Air 5017 Edmonton, Air 5015 Atlin, Air 5021 Alaska Highway, Air 5099 Coats Island, Air 5032 Cumberland Peninsula, Air 5039 Baker Lake, Air 5037 Bathurst Inlet, Air 5036 Baffin Bay, Air 5044 Boothia, Air 5043 Cambridge Bay, Air 5042 Amundesen Gulf, Air 5041 Devon Island, Air 5047 Banks Island, Air 5045 Ellesmere, Air 5049 Alert,  Air 5050

Listing of VNC Charts

Title Chart No. Date $16.50 each
Alaska Highway AIR 5099 Sep 2011 Add to Cart
Alert VNC AIR 5050 Sep 2005 Add to Cart
Amundsen Gulf VNC AIR 5041 May 2006 Add to Cart
Anticosti VNC AIR 5011 Aug 2011 Add to Cart
Atlin VNC AIR 5021 Aug 2009 Add to Cart
Baffin Bay VNC AIR 5044 May 2006 Add to Cart
Baker Lake VNC AIR 5037 Aug 2010 Add to Cart
Banks Island VNC AIR 5045 Dec 2008 Add to Cart
Bathurst Inlet VNC AIR 5036 Oct 2008 Add to Cart
Big Trout Lake VNC AIR 5017 Aug 2010 Add to Cart
Boothia VNC AIR 5043 Jun 2004 Add to Cart
Calgary VNC AIR 5005 Feb 2012 Add to Cart
Cambridge Bay VNC AIR 5042 Jun 2008 Add to Cart
Chicoutimi VNC AIR 5010 Oct 2010 Add to Cart
Coats Island VNC AIR 5032 Dec 2008 Add to Cart
Cumberland Peninsula VNC AIR 5039 Sep 2009 Add to Cart
Devon Island VNC AIR 5047 Sep 2011 Add to Cart
Edmonton VNC AIR 5015 Feb 2012 Add to Cart
Ellesmere VNC AIR 5049 Oct 2009 Add to Cart
Flin Flon VNC AIR 5016 Aug 2011 Add to Cart
Fort Nelson VNC AIR 5022 Jul 2011 Add to Cart
Fort Simpson VNC AIR 5029 June 2011 Add to Cart
Foxe Basin VNC AIR 5038 Aug 2009 Add to Cart
Frobisher Bay VNC AIR 5033 March 2012 Add to Cart
Gander VNC AIR 5012 May 2012 Add to Cart
Goose Bay VNC AIR 5020 Oct 2009 Add to Cart
Great Bear Lake VNC AIR 5035 Jun 2012 Add to Cart
Hazen Strait VNC AIR 5048 Sep 2009 Add to Cart
Hudson Bay VNC AIR 5025 Aug 2009 Add to Cart
Inukjuak VNC AIR 5026 Oct 2010 Add to Cart
James Bay VNC AIR 5018 June 2012 Add to Cart
Kitimat VNC AIR 5013 Dec 2010 Add to Cart
Klondike VNC AIR 5034 May 2010 Add to Cart
Lake Athabaska VNC AIR 5023 May 2010 Add to Cart
Mackenzie Delta VNC AIR 5040 Nov 2005 Add to Cart
Moncton VNC AIR 5003 May 2012 Add to Cart
Montreal VNC AIR 5002 Dec 2011 Add to Cart
Prince George VNC AIR 5014 Jul 2011 Add to Cart
Rankin Inlet VNC AIR 5031 Jul 2010 Add to Cart
Regina VNC AIR 5006 March 2012 Add to Cart
Resolute VNC AIR 5046 Jun 2006 Add to Cart
Sault Ste Marie VNC AIR 5001 Nov 2011 Add to Cart
Thunder Bay VNC AIR 5008 Dec 2011 Add to Cart
Timmins VNC AIR 5009 Jan 2012 Add to Cart
Toronto VNC AIR 5000 Dec 2011 Add to Cart
Ungava VNC AIR 5027 May 2006 Add to Cart
Vancouver VNC AIR 5004 Apr 2012 Add to Cart
Wabush VNC AIR 5019 Oct 2009 Add to Cart
Whitehorse VNC AIR 5028 Oct 2010 Add to Cart
Winnipeg VNC AIR 5007 Jan 2012 Add to Cart
Wollaston Lake VNC AIR 5024 Aug 2009 Add to Cart
Yellowknife VNC AIR 5030 Sep 2009 Add to Cart

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