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Nautical Charts on CD-ROM

Nautical charts on CD-ROM offer a user-friendly, portable and cost-effective means of obtaining charts for a large area. For example, the charts for Georgian Bay are all contained on one CD - for only $99.99

Digital Ocean electronic charts are officially released Canadian Hydrographic Service raster charts. ("Raster" is a computer generated image that is a replica of the paper navigation chart - with the latitude and longitude of the position of the cursor.) These CDs are designed for recreational boaters and function with most navigational software.
Digital Ocean Charts on CD-ROM
The CD-ROM collections include the following comprehensive navigation tools: tides/waterlevel information, chart symbol index, marinas and place names databases.

Each CD-ROM collection includes the full function version of Maptech Offshore Navigator software free of charge. Also, the end-user license is perpetual and does not require an annual renewal.

If you already own navigation software you may prefer the Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts which do not include navigation software.

The current encryption system requires customers to register the product via the internet or telephone for the initial unlocking of the data. During this process the customer is provided with a password to unlock the data and copy it to their computer.

In order to ensure up-to-date charts, the licensed user will be able to subscribe to an updating service and receive monthly updates of affected charts. It is highly recommends that boaters maintain up-to-date charts for safety purposes.

These charts are compatible with most popular navigation software on the market, enabling the user to integrate the charts with a GPS to watch your boat move across the screen in real-time. Fugawi Global Navigator, BoatCruiser, MapCruiser and Maptech Offshore Navigator software, all available from Federal Publications, are excellent companions to the NDI Electronic Charts if you would like to interface your computer with a GPS. The full version of Maptech Offshore Navigator software is included free with 2007 Digital Ocean CD-ROMs.
Also available from Federal Publications: All purchases of software are final. More information can be found in our Return Policy.

2007 Editions are available for the all of the following areas. This year's editions include the full version of Maptech Offshore Navigator software, which can be used for chart viewing, route planning, easy printing and GPS real-time navigation.

INCLUDED WITH 2007 EDITIONS: DigitalOcean® includes US charts on selected Atlantic, Pacific and Great Lakes CDs. On relevant DigitalOcean® CDs you now get official US NOAA raster charts, and have digital navigation coverage on both sides of the border at no extra cost.

The 2007 Editions of DigitalOcean® electronic charts are formatted to the BSB V4.0 specification.

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence:

Georgian Bay NW3 $99.99
Kingston to Montreal: Canadian and US Charts NW7 $99.99
Lake Erie: Canadian and US Charts NW4 $69.99
Lake Huron/North Channel: Canadian and US Charts NW2 $99.99
Lakes Around Georgian Bay (Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau, Lake of Bays, Lake Nipissing, Wahwashkesh Lake, interior lakes of Manitoulin Island) NW14 $69.99
Lake Ontario: Canadian and US Charts NW5 $99.99
Lake Superior: Canadian and US Charts NW1 $69.99
Manitoba Lakes (Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Playgreen Lake) NW11 $69.99
Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods: Canadian and US Charts NW16 $99.99
Montréal to Québec: Canadian and US Charts NW6 $69.99
Québec to Anticosti Island West NW8 $99.99
Rideau/Ottawa NW10 $69.99
Trent Severn NW9 $99.99

Atlantic Coast:

Gulf of St Lawrence North/Newfoundland West ATL1 $174.99
Gulf of St Lawrence South ATL2 $244.99
Labrador Coast ATL5 $99.99
Newfoundland East and South ATL4 $244.99
Nova Scotia South/Bay of Fundy: Canadian and US Charts ATL3 $244.99

Pacific Coast:

Queen Charlotte Sound/Hecate Strait to Portland Canal P2 $244.99
Vancouver Island East: Canadian and US Charts P1 $244.99
Vancouver Island West/Queen Charlotte Islands: Canadian and US Charts P3 $244.99
Lakes and Rivers of British Columbia NW15 $69.99

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Certified Electronic Charts.
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This page last modified: February 1, 2008

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