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Maptech Offshore Navigator

Offshore Navigator is Maptech's full-featured PC planning and GPS chartplotting application and is a software upgrade from "Chart Navigator" and "Offshore Navigator Lite." It is included at no charge with the 2006 NDI Digital Ocean Nautical Charts on CD-ROM titles.


Route Planning:
Offshore Navigator makes route planning as simple as clicking a mouse. Click - and you've put the first waypoint on the chart. Click again - and you're creating a route. It's that easy.

GPS Ready:
Offshore Navigator takes the signal from your GPS receiver and shows your position right on the screen. You can see your vessel move across full-screen or split-screen charts, 3-D charts and Nav Photos.
  • Real Time Positioning:
    • Connect a USB GPS to your PC to see your position right on the chart. As you move the vessel icon moves.
  • Data Windows
    • Data Windows display key GPS data such as Lat/Lon, COG, and SOG. They also instantly calculate course information such as Cross-Track Error and Range and Bearing to the next waypoint.
  • Transfer Waypoints from PC to GPS
    • Transfer waypoints directly from your PC into popular GPS receivers. Say goodbye to the task of keying waypoints in one by one. View GPS Compatibility List
On-Water Mode:
One click simplifies the interface so you can see more chart area and the functions and data windows you need while navigation.

Spherical-Horizon View:
The new Spherical-Horizon View bends your mind as it extends your vision. Imagine draping a paper chart over a beachball, and you have the idea. Now you can see what to expect far, far ahead while the immediate area stays in sharp focus.

Autopilot Interface:
Offshore Navigator will generate NMEA 0183 sentences to steer your autopilot. After planning your trip at home, walk aboard, plug in your laptop, and let your autopilot follow your earlier instructions as you get underway. It doesn't get any easier. Note: An autopilot is not required to run Offshore Navigator.

Internet Vessel Tracking:
Use the optional "Send Position Report" to email your vessel's Position, Heading, Speed and Trip ETA to anybody with email and a web browser. The recipient can see your position right on a chart with no additional software needed.

Key Planning Features:

  • Find the chart you want quickly - graphically or by chart name and number
  • Link 2 or more charts, photos and 3D together in Split-Screen mode
  • Quick Dragging, Zoom and Scale options
  • Routes: Plan and organize routes with your mouse
  • Print route plans and chart segments
  • Print and view tide and current graphs

Key Navigation Features:

  • GPS Ready - View your position on the chart
  • Autopilot Ready - Offshore Navigator outputs industry-standard NMEA 0183 data to autopilots. Note: an autopilot is not necessary to run Offshore Navigator.
  • 6 Color Palettes for all light conditions
  • Tracks - Record where you've been. There's an option to convert tracks to routes.
  • Man Overboard - instant range and bearing to MOB location
  • Marks - Mark areas of interest and "Go To" them quickly.
  • Alarms - create custom alarm areas, including anchor alarms.
  • Measurement Tools - A2B and instant Range and Bearing lines based on GPS position.
  • Internet Vessel Tracking - email your Position, Heading, Speed and Trip ETA to anybody with email and a web browser.

System Requirements:

Offshore Navigator requires Digital Charts (such as NDI Digital Ocean) and/or Contour 3-D Charts (both sold separately).

PC minimum requirements:
  • Windows 98, ME, NT4.0, 2000 or XP
  • Pentium-class CPU
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 16-bit, 800 x 600 display
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 1 GB hard disk space
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later (included)
GPS connection requirements:
  • Industry-standard NMEA 0183 GPS
  • Serial data connection cable
  • 1 available COM (9-pin serial) port
Autopilot connection requirements:
  • Connected GPS (as above) Industry-standard NMEA 0183 Autopilot
  • Serial data connection cable
  • Note: Autopilot interface is not required

Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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This page last modified: January 13, 2006

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