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Jeffrey McMurtrie's Algonquin Provincial Park Maps

Version 3.0

Jam-packed with information collected from a wide variety of sources (government data, park information, triplogs, satellite photos and "on the ground" research) the Algonquin Provincial Park Map is the ultimate map for canoeing and hiking in Algonquin. Created by Jeffrey McMurtrie, the map is continuously being updated, and we will always offer the most current available. The current edition is dated November 2010.

There are 5 different maps: 4 regional areas, plus one of the whole park . The whole park is shown here (scale 1:118,000):

Algonquin Provincial Park Map

Prices and sizes:
  • The entire park (41.5" x 55"): $34.95 on paper, $44.95 waterproof (scale 1:118,000). This is intended as a wall map as it is a bit too large to be taken out in the park.

In addition, there are four regional maps, priced at $11.95 on paper, $15.95 waterproof:
  • Southern: 32" wide x 24" high
  • Western: 24" wide x 36" high
  • Central: 24" wide x 36" high
  • Eastern: 24" wide x 36" high

See below for pricing information and the coverage area of each section.

Algonquin Regional Maps

There's a saving if purchasing two different regions at one time:
  • 2 regional maps: $19.95 on paper or $29.95 on waterproof
  • 4 regional maps: $39.95 on paper or $49.95 on waterproof
Note, these areas overlap and have been arranged so that any typical route would only require a single map.




  Catalogue Number (Paper) Price (Paper)   Catalogue Number (Waterproof) Price (Waterproof)  
Full Park ALG-PARK-P $34.95 Add to Cart ALG-PARK-S $44.95 Add to Cart
Southern ALG-SW-P $11.95 Add to Cart ALG-SW-S $15.95 Add to Cart
Western ALG-NW-P $11.95 Add to Cart ALG-NW-S $15.95 Add to Cart
Central ALG-C-P $11.95 Add to Cart ALG-C-S $15.95 Add to Cart
Eastern ALG-E-P $11.95 Add to Cart ALG-E-S $15.95 Add to Cart

Set of all 4 regional maps:
  ALG-ALL-P $39.95 Add to Cart ALG-ALL-S $49.95 Add to Cart

2 regional maps:
Southern and Western ALG-SWNW-P $19.95 Add to Cart ALG-SWNW-S $29.95 Add to Cart
Southern and Central ALG-SWC-P $19.95 Add to Cart ALG-SWC-S $29.95 Add to Cart
Southern and Eastern ALG-SWE-P $19.95 Add to Cart ALG-SWE-S $29.95 Add to Cart
Western and Central ALG-NWC-P $19.95 Add to Cart ALG-NWC-S $29.95 Add to Cart
Western and Eastern ALG-NWE-P $19.95 Add to Cart ALG-NWE-S $29.95 Add to Cart
Central and Eastern ALG-CE-P $19.95 Add to Cart ALG-CE-S $29.95 Add to Cart
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
Questions about this product? Please e-mail us.
This page last modified: January 14, 2011

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