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Library of Parliament Publications: Environment and Sustainable Development

The Library of Parliament publishes a wide range of publications as background material for Members of Parliament. This popular series of publications offer "thumb-nail sketches" of current issues, from a non-partisan perspective. There are 4 different types of papers:

  • Current Issue Reviews (e.g. Catalogue No.: ##-##E, average 25 pages)
  • Background Papers (e.g. Catalogue No.: BP-XXXE, average 30 pages)
  • Mini Reviews (e.g. Catalogue No.: MR-XXXE, average 8 pages)
  • Parliamentary Research Branch (e.g. Catalogue No.: PRB XX-XXE, average 30 pages, but ones noted as "In Brief" are as short as 2 pages)
If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to ask us.

An Acid Rain Perspective (12 November 2002) PRB 02-61E $16.50 Add to Cart
The Arctic: Environmental Issues (24 October 2008) PRB 08-04E $9.95 Add to Cart
Bulk Water Removals: Canadian Legislation (16 October 2008) PRB 02-13E $13.50 Add to Cart
Canada and the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (7 February 2003) PRB 02-58E $16.50 Add to Cart
The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (7 July 2003) PRB 03-03E $9.95 Add to Cart
Climate Change: Adaptation (10 February 2009) PRB 08-47E $13.50 Add to Cart
Climate Change: Credit Trading and the Kyoto Protocol (22 December 2005) PRB 05-47E $9.95 Add to Cart
Climate Change: The Eleventh Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention (22 December 2005) PRB 05-16E $13.50 Add to Cart
The Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol (30 January 2009) PRB 07-21E $13.50 Add to Cart
Ecological Fiscal Reform [In Brief] (17 March 2006) PRB 05-95E $4.95 Add to Cart
The Effects of Smog on the Health of Canadians (14 January 2003) PRB 98-4E $16.50 Add to Cart
Emissions Trading in Implementation of the Kyoto Agreement (8 April 1998) MR-150E $9.95 Add to Cart
Endocrine Disruptors: Update (10 August 2000) PRB 00-01E $16.50 Add to Cart
An Environment Bill of Rights for Canada (November 1991) BP-281E $19.95 Add to Cart
Environmental Assessment: Conference on Law and Process in Environmental Management (November 1993) BP-355E $9.95 Add to Cart
The European Carbon Market: A Successful Launch; The Canadian Carbon Market: Still Under Construction [In Brief] (25 January 2006) PRB 05-51E $4.95 Add to Cart
Fuel Efficiency of Motor Vehicles in Canada (19 January 2004) PRB 03-48E $9.95 Add to Cart
The Garbage Crisis: Traditional Solutions (December 1995) BP-407E $16.50 Add to Cart
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Future Energy Requirements (19 November 2001) PRB 01-23E $13.50 Add to Cart
High-Level Radioactive Waste in Canada (November 1993) BP-338E $13.50 Add to Cart
International Cooperation on Climate Change Outside of the Kyoto Protocol (23 November 2007) PRB 07-30E $13.50 Add to Cart
International Management of Chemicals (6 September 2006) PRB 06-29E $13.50 Add to Cart
Invasive Non-Indigenous Species (18 September 2000) PRB 00-13E $13.50 Add to Cart
The Kyoto Protocol: Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from On-Road Vehicles [In Brief] (7 November 2003) PRB 03-17E $9.95 Add to Cart
The Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism [In Brief] (23 January 2006) PRB 05-58E $4.95 Add to Cart
Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act:Implementation and Consequences (27 November 2007) PRB 07-40E $13.50 Add to Cart
The Kyoto Protocol: Progress at Bonn [In Brief] (31 July 2001) PRB 01-6E $4.95 Add to Cart
The Kyoto Protocol: The Basics of Climate Change (27 January 2004) PRB 02-20E $16.50 Add to Cart
The Kyoto Protocol: Intergovernmental Issues (1 November 2002) PRB 02-21E $13.50 Add to Cart
The Kyoto Protocol: Overview of Federal Legal Mechanisms for Implementation (30 September 2002) PRB 02-14E $19.95 Add to Cart
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management (November 1993) BP-352E $13.50 Add to Cart
Military Plutonium Disposal and the MOX Fuel Option (April 1998) BP-461E $16.50 Add to Cart
The North American Free Trade Agreement: Chapter 11 [In Brief] (26 February 2003) PRB 02-54E $9.95 Add to Cart
Offshore Oil and Gas Development in British Columbia: Status of Provincial and Federal Moratoria [In Brief] (22 November 2004) PRB 04-22E $9.95 Add to Cart
On the Eve of the Year 2000: The Future of Environmental Studies [Twelfth Annual AMEUS Conference] [In Brief] (19 March 1999) PRB 99-6E $4.95 Add to Cart
Ozone: The Earth's Sunscreen (2 April 2001) PRB 01-4E $16.50 Add to Cart
Plastic Bags: Reducing Their Use Through Regulation and Other Initiatives (8 December 2008) PRB 08-27E $9.95 Add to Cart
Policy in an Uncertain Climate: The Science of Climate Change (26 September 2002) PRB 01-22E $16.50 Add to Cart
Policy Options to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (7 October 2008) PRB 08-19E $9.95 Add to Cart
Projet de Société: Planning for a Sustainable Future (28 January 1994) MR-118E $9.95 Add to Cart
Protecting Wild Species at Risk in Canada (23 May 2003) PRB 00-19E $19.95 Add to Cart
The Rio Earth Summit: Summary of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (November 1992) BP-317E $16.50 Add to Cart
Smog and Population Health (29 March 2006) PRB 05-101E $13.50 Add to Cart
Sustainable Development: Conditions, Principles and Issues (July 1997) BP-458E $13.50 Add to Cart
Sustainable Development: Key Concepts and Questions (12 January 2005) PRB 04-55E $13.50 Add to Cart
Sustainable Development in the Federal Government: 1. The Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (20 July 2005) PRB 05-12E $9.95 Add to Cart
Virtual Elimination of Pollution from Toxic Substances (26 July 2006) PRB 06-26E $13.50 Add to Cart

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