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The 2011 Annotated Ontario Highway Traffic Act

Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-0-7798-3583-6
Pages 1354
Language English only
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Prepared by Murray D. Segal, B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.
Published by Carswell, 2011.

This is an annual publication. The 2011 edition was released August 2011.


An indispensable tool for any case arising from Highway Traffic Act offences. Includes the full text of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario and all regulations under the Act. The text follows the section numbers of the Act and where appropriate, commentary respecting the section is provided.

The 2011 Annotated Ontario Highway Traffic Act offences contains amendments to the Highway Traffic Act and Regulations recent amendments:
  • The Statute Law Amendment Act (Government Management and Services) Act, S.O. 1994, c. 27, ss. 138(1), (9), (10), (11) and (14) in force July 1, 2010: Adds definition of "road service vehicle" to s. 1(1) and removes definition of that term from s. 133; revises references to road service vehicles in ss. 109(1)(b) and 132; adds clause 150(3)(f) to the Act.
  • The Government Efficiency Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c. 18, Sched. P, ss. 25(1)-(4), (6) and (7) in force July 1, 2010: Amends ss. 109(2), (6), (10), (14) to include references to s.110.1 (and thus clarifies that they are subject to that section) and adds s. 109(18) to the Act (giving the Lieutenant Governor in Council the power to enact regulations exempting vehicles from s. 109(10).).
  • The Road Safety Act, 2009, S.O. 2009, c. 5, ss. 14, 15(6),(9),(11),(13), 16(3),(4),(5),(8),(9),(10),(11), 18, 26 in force August 1, 2010; ss. 11, 20, 25, in force December 1, 2010; ss. 23, 33 (1)-(4), (6)-(11), in force January 1, 2011.
  • Short-term Vehicle Impoundment Under s. 55.2 of the Act, O. Reg. 415/10 (in force December 1, 2010).
  • Accessible Parking for Persons with Disabilities, R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 581, amended by O. Reg. 308/10 (in force August 11, 2010).
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections, O. Reg. 199/07, amended by O. Reg. 411/10 (in force November 5, 2010) and by O. Reg. 78/11 (to come into force July 1, 2011).
  • Conduct Review Programs, O. Reg. 287/08, amended by O. Reg. 163/10 (in force August 3, 2010) [appears in shaded text].
  • Critical Defects of Commercial Motor Vehicles, O. Reg. 512/97, amended by O. Reg. 410/10 (in force January 1, 2011).
Case law throughout this edition has also been updated covering developments on such matters as:
  • Deering v. Scugog (Township), (2010) (Ont. S.C.J.) The municipalities failed in their duties to maintain the road in reasonable repair. The municipalities had "rehabilitated" the road and opened it without any markings, signage, or any assessment of the potential hazard.
  • Hutton v. General Motors of Canada Ltd. , (2010) (Alta. Q.B.) The court dealt with a claim for a defective air bag holding that the company failed in its duty respecting a recall and the description of the risk.
This edition sets out the revised statutes and regulations as amended to Ontario Gazette Vol. 144:22 (June 18, 2011) and to Votes and Proceedings No. 127 (June 1, 2011). Provisions passed but not yet in force at the time of publication are shaded.

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