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Programme de français langue seconde - Niveau C

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Niveau C:
Niveau C (PFL2-C) - DVD
(licence for 10 users by single workstation. Contact us for multi-user pricing if more than 10 users)
SC102-1/11-2006F-DVD $250.00 Add to Cart
Session préparatoire 1
(matériel d'accompagnement: 1 audio CD). 263 pp.
SC102-1/14-1-2007F $32.00 Add to Cart
Session préparatoire 2
(matériel d'accompagnement: 1 audio CD). 208 pp.
SC102-1/14-2-2007F $30.00 Add to Cart
Grammaire d'appoint : cahier d'autoapprentissage
144 pp.
SC102-1/15-2007F $15.00 Add to Cart

Prèparation à l'évaluation du français langue seconde:
Interaction orale, niveau C - Supplément 1
(matériel d'accompagnement: 1 audio CD)
SC102-4/1-2007F $26.00 Add to Cart
Interaction orale, niveau C - Supplément 1: guide méthodologique
35 pp.
SC102-4/2-2007F $10.00 Add to Cart
Interaction orale, niveau C
97 pp.
SC102-4/4-2006F $16.95 Out of print; no longer available for purchase

Produced by the Canada School of Public Service.
Published by Canadian Government Publishing 2005, 2006, 2008.


Programme de français langue seconde - Niveau C is the French as a Second Language training program developed by the Canada School of Public Service to aid the user in attaining an advanced level of bilingualism in the federal government. It is intended to provide federal government employees with the skills needed to interact comfortably in French in various complicated work-related situations.

The learning material is made up of a user guide, four modules, a glossary, reference lists, and a DVD.

Niveau C (PFL2-C) - DVD includes 240 hours of course study and oral activities for those who want to prepare themselves for level C, as well as the content of the printed materials such as methods manual, classroom activity programs, glossary, briefing books, posters (for the briefing books contents), language function scripts, a movie, video-clip and sound recordings. Except for the movie and sound recordings, the DVD content is also printable in PDF format.

System Requirements for the DVD:
  • Processor: Pentium (800 MHz)
  • 3 GB disk space
  • Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600
  • 16-bit sound card, with speakers
  • QuickTime Player® 6.0 and higher
  • DVD drive
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
  • Netscape 6.2 or Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher
Session préparatoires 1 et 2 are for classroom review period. They enable learners to consolidate Level B language skills (language functions, grammar, vocabulary, and oral comprehension). Session préparatoire 1 presents various ways of introducing oneself, and requesting or providing information: describing present, future or past situations; describing tasks and processes; requesting or expressing an opinion. Session préparatoire 2 presents various ways of stating, analyzing and explaining a problem: reporting results, changes, or suggestions; stating assumptions; expressing one's point of view, or reformulating the view of others; comparing situations; convincing; qualifying; and making concessions.

Grammaire d'appoint : cahier d'autoapprentissage is for learners of French at Level C who want to develop their mastery of French grammar. It is intended for independent review of the grammar points suggested in Level C that were already covered in Level B. Grammaire d'appoint : cahier d'autoapprentissage includes new summary tables and more complex usage contexts.

The three Prèparation à l'évaluation du français langue seconde manuals are designed for classroom use to study exploitation, consolidation, review, integration and synthesis activities, as well as simulated interviews. They are designed to develop the skills characteristic of Level C, and to prepare learners for the oral interaction interview.

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Except where noted, the individual titles listed above are produced in spiral-bound softcover.

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