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Interface Canada (Revised)

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Interface Canada - Level A (CD-ROM
Interface Canada
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Level A: Books 1 – 3 (CD-ROM)
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6
Book 7
Book 8
Level B: Books 4 – 8 (CD-ROM)
Book 9 – Role Playing for Consolidation book and CD-ROM
Oral Interaction – Levels A and B, Administrator’s and Teachers’ Guide

Written by the Public Service Commission of Canada.
Published by Canadian Government Publishing.


Interface Canada is a complete oral communication program for adults, from beginning to upper-intermediate study, with particular emphasis on language for the workplace. It is designed to aid federal government employees studying English as a second language to achieve sufficient communicative competence to interact efficiently in English in day-to-day job-related tasks.

Language Needed to Perform Today’s Professional Tasks:
Knowledge of two or even three languages is a valuable asset in today’s work world. Interface Canada uses the communicative approach and targets the language used for tasks in support, operations and management in the public sector. From getting the best hotel rate to registering someone for a course; from handling a complaint to organizing an activity; from interviewing candidates to deciding whom to hire – these and many more are situations that students can learn to handle in English using Interface Canada. Emphasis is placed on the skills of speaking and listening.

An Integrated Approach:
Interface Canada uses a communicative, functional approach to language learning. Each unit is based on a communicative task. The unit objective is to teach several related functions so that the task can be accomplished. Care was taken to create plausible work situations and to use realistic language. The overall objective is to give students the tools needed to communicate effectively when doing work-related tasks and functions. Interface Canada has a 97% student success rate for public servants to reach their bilingual requirements.

Organization and Content:
  • nine teacher’s books
  • nine student’s books
  • three cases of CD-ROMs (replaces older audiocassettes)
Presentation or Getting Started:
The Teacher’s Book, Presentation, provides techniques, procedures and activities for presenting new notions, vocabulary, grammar, and strategies necessary to accomplish the task objective of the unit. Eight presentation techniques are used, either alone or in combination: face-to-face, reality, illustration, tape, text, situation, flow chart, telegraphic clues. Activities vary from presentation to presentation. A presentation may have up to five phases: leading into the topic, introducing the language, focussing on the exponents, focussing on the structures, trying the new language. The Presentation section sets up the goal to accomplish during the Study and Practice.

A Teacher’s Book contains:
  • instructions for presenting material and leading the exercises
  • the entire student's book with cross-referencing
  • answers in italics for all exercises
The student’s books, Getting Started, contain information and any illustration, text, flow chart, or exercise required by the students to do certain activities during the presentation phase.


Study contains one or more pages of functions and language. Structural patterns or notes on usage are in this section. The sections in the teacher and student’s books are identical.

Practice stresses learning to speak in authentic situations using natural and appropriate language. Work is often done in pairs or small groups. A wide range of role plays and information-gap activities give many opportunities to practise the functions and phrases in a particular unit. As the student progresses, the language learned in previous units is recycled and practised. Exercises range from controlled ones, such as fill-in-the-blank exercises, to open-ended role plays based on students’ personal experiences. Practice is not the same in both books. The teacher’s book contains instructions to carry out the practices and answer keys for all exercises.

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This page last modified: September 2, 2008

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