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December 2000 News - Page 2

New from Statistics Canada

Incomes of younger retired women: The past 30 years

This study examines the extent of change in the source, distribution and level of incomes of younger retired women aged 65 to 69. This article is contained in “Perspectives on Labour and Income” - Winter 2000, Volume 12, No. 4. Other articles in this issue:
  • In for the long term: pension plans offered by employers
  • Income inequality within provinces
  • Part-time by choice
75-001-XPE $18.00

Canadian Social Trends

The Winter 2000 issue features the articles:
  • 100 years of ... education, income and expenditures, health and urban development
  • Patterns of religious attendance
11-008-XPE $11.00


  • Break and Enter, 1999 (Volume 20, No. 13)
  • Public Attitudes Toward the Criminal Justice System, 1999 (Volume 20, No. 12)
  • Criminal Harassment in Canada, 1999 (Volume 20, No. 11)

85-002-XPE $10.00 each

International Travel, Travel Between Canada and Other Countries 1999

66-201-XPB $42.00

Education Quarterly Review - November 2000 (Volume 7, No. 1)

81-003-XPB $21.00

Canadian Crime Statistics 1999

Presents a statistical summary of police-reported crime in Canada and the provinces and territories, dating from 1962.
85-205-XPE $42.00

Inter-corporate Ownership on CD-ROM , Fourth quarter 2000

61-517-XCB (single issue) $350.00
61-517-XCB-SUB (quarterly subscription) $995.00
The above pricing applies for 1-3 users on a single station; please contact us for multiple-user pricing.

New from Carswell

Immigration Act and Regulations 2001, English/French Consolidation
0-459-26093-6 $46.00
The 2001 Annotated Ontario Personal Property Security Act
0-459-26043-X $82.00

New Editions

Canada Labour Code Part II: Consolidated Working Copy(includes Regulations)
L31-85-2000E $27.95 (Cdn Gov’t Publishing)
Canada Labour Code Part II - Office Consolidation, October 2000(Act only)
YX76-L2-2-2000 $6.95 (Cdn Gov’t Publishing)

Amendments to Loose-Leaf Services

The following updates are sent automatically to those registered on Standing Order. All are published by Cdn Gov’t Publishing.
Customs Tariff 2001(New main volume for 2001)
RV55-2-2001E $94.95
Supply Manual Amendment 00-2 December 1, 2000
P26-1-2000-2E $29.95
Standard Acquisitions Clauses and Conditions Manual Amendment 00-2 December 1, 2000
P60-4-1-1998-2000-2E $42.95

Native Rights

The Marshall Decision and Native Rights

Explains the cross-cultural, legal, and political implications of the recent Supreme Court decision on the Donald Marshall case. By placing the reaction to the decision in the broader context of indigenous political and legal rights, the book shows how little Canada has learned from three decades of First Nations legal conflicts and how far the country is from meaningful reconciliation.
Written by Ken Coates. Published by McGill-Queen's University Press, 2000.
0-7735-2108-9 $24.95


Best wishes for the Holiday Season
from the staff of Federal Publications

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