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Fodor’s Canada, 27th Edition

Fodor’s Canada shows you hundreds of hotel and restaurant choices in all price ranges , complete with thorough reviews showing what makes each place special.
  • Vivid descriptions evoke what makes Canada unique
  • Local experts show you the special places
  • Practical information gives you the tools to explore
  • Easy-to-use format puts it all at your fingertips
  • Choose among many hotels and restaurants in all price categories
  • Mix and match itineraries and discover the unexpected
  • Useful maps and background information
  • Costs, hours and tips by the thousands
Fodor's Canada
Published by Fodor’s Travel, 2004.
Catalogue No. 1-4000-1296-1
Price $33.00
Format Softcover
Pages 958
Language English only
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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This page last modified: June 7, 2004

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