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World Religions Series

Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 1-55285-651-8
Pages 58
Language English only
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Written by Alan Brown.
Published by Whitecap Books, 2004.


There are more than two billion Christians, with large populations in every continent of the world. The largest branch of Christianity is Catholicism, with over 900 million followers. Other major branches are Orthodox and Protestant.

Christianity is part of the World Religions Series of books exploring the major religions of our world today. Each title looks first a one person's experience, and then examines the facts, arguments, and opinions from around the globe. Special debate panels, supported by a wealth of resource material, invite the reader to discuss the issues that are currently facing our world.

Each book in the World Religions Series contains a history of the religion, key celebrations, and up-to-the-minute facts. The series addresses how each religion faces the challenges of today's ever-changing world and how the religion itself has to change and adapt. Children have the opportunity to learn the belief systems of their own and other groups in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

Attractively illustrated with colour photographs throughout, this book is suitable for ages 8 to 14.

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