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Canada Year Book 2012

April 5, 2013: We've been advised by Statistics Canada that they no longer have stock of the printed version of the Canada Year Book 2012. CYB is still available free of charge on Statistics Canada's website.

Canada Year Book 2012    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 11-402-XPE 12000
Pages 506
Language English; Aussi disponible en français
Price $24.95
  Print version no longer available for purchase

Published by Statistics Canada, 2012.

The 2012 Year Book was released November 2012 and will be the final edition released by Statistics Canada.


This is the last edition of the Canada Year Book. Statistics Canada says it will continue through other means to keep Canadians informed about their social and economic life.

For 145 years, the Canada Year Book has chronicled in statistical form the demographic, social, political and economic changes affecting Canada and its people. The 2012 edition of the Canada Year carries on this tradition.

The almanac-style publication contains 31 chapters with tables, maps and easy-to-read articles. Each chapter covers issues and trends that influenced Canada, such as the aging of the population, housing prices and tuition costs. Other chapters examine developments in crime, health, the environment, the economy and much more.

A chapter on children explores the link between reading skills at the age of 15 and income at 25, as well as the continuing decline in smoking rates among teenagers and changes in international adoption rates.

An "International perspective" section provides charts comparing Canada and other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations. For example, Canada's gross domestic product per capita was $US 38,914 in 2009, 11th among OECD countries.

Feature articles cover topics such as demographic changes in the population, as well as its ethnic makeup; an analysis of various sectors in the economy including international trade in goods and services, retail and wholesale trade, agriculture, transportation, energy, services, construction and manufacturing; an analysis of environmental issues; crime, health, the labour force, travel patterns and a look at how Canadians use technology to address life changes.

First published in 1867, the Canada Year Book has become the premier reference resource on the social and economic life of Canadians.

  • Popular 6"x 9" paperback format (15 cm x 23 cm), durably bound for frequent referencing
  • Over 400 pages divided into 31 chapters, which are the main subjects covered by Statistics Canada:
    1. Aboriginal peoples
    2. Agriculture
    3. Business, consumer and property services
    4. Business performance and ownership
    5. Children and youth
    6. Construction
    7. Crime and justice
    8. Culture and leisure
    9. Economic accounts
    10. Education, training and learning
    11. Energy
    12. Environment
    13. Ethnic diversity and immigration
    14. Families, households and housing
    15. Geography
    16. Government
    17. Health
    18. Income, pensions, spending and wealth
    19. Information and communications technology
    20. International trade
    21. Labour
    22. Languages
    23. Manufacturing
    24. Population and demography
    25. Prices and price indexes
    26. Retail and wholesale trade
    27. Science and technology
    28. Seniors
    29. Society and community
    30. Transportation
    31. Travel and tourism
  • Also contains:
    • Abbreviations and symbols listing
    • List of maps, charts and tables
    • Glossary
    • List of sources
    • Index
Canada Year Book is a veritable cornucopia of Canadiana. No other resource quite captures the essence of this ever-changing country in such an authoritative yet entertaining way! Canada Year Book is the must-have reference for:
  • Executives needing a handy, easy-to-use data source...
  • Librarians looking for a comprehensive, multi-purpose reference for their readers...
  • Teachers searching for a current educational resource that will stimulate their students' curiosity...
  • Parents in the market for the very best educational support tool for their children...
  • Students looking for up-to-date information, in depth or at a glance, in a single volume...
  • Writers, researchers and journalists needing high-quality, authoritative data to help them meet those deadlines...
  • Visitors to Canada, and those simply curious about Canada, wanting to get behind the headlines and gain a thorough overview...
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This page last modified: April 5, 2013

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