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Library of Parliament Publications: Government and Public Administration

The Library of Parliament publishes a wide range of publications as background material for Members of Parliament. This popular series of publications offer "thumb-nail sketches" of current issues, from a non-partisan perspective. There are 4 different types of papers:

  • Current Issue Reviews (e.g. Catalogue No.: ##-##E, average 25 pages)
  • Background Papers (e.g. Catalogue No.: BP-XXXE, average 30 pages)
  • Mini Reviews (e.g. Catalogue No.: MR-XXXE, average 8 pages)
  • Parliamentary Research Branch (e.g. Catalogue No.: PRB XX-XXE, average 30 pages, but ones noted as "In Brief" are as short as 2 pages)
If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to ask us.

Access to Information and Privacy Rights: Changes Introduced by the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Public Safety Act (24 February 2006) PRB 05-35E $13.50
Access to Information Legislation in Canada and Four Other Countries (6 April 2006) PRB 06-08E $16.50
The Accountability Act and the Parliamentary Budget Officer (29 June 2006) PRB 06-03E $13.50
Appropriations and the Business of Supplies (1 May 2004) PRB 04-05E $13.50
Canada Post Corporation as a Provider of Financial and Government Services: The Way to the Future? (25 July 2005) PRB 05-14E $16.50
Crown Corporation Governance and Accountability Framework: A Review of Recently Proposed Reforms (16 March 2006) PRB 05-80E $13.50
Committees and Estimates: Powers, Performance and Possible Strategies (22 March 2006) PRB 05-78E $13.50
The Evolution of Federal Government Finances, 1983-2003 (8 June 2005) PRB 05-40E $9.95
Expenditure Review, 2004 [In Brief] (1 October 2004) PRB 04-27E $9.95
Federal and Provincial Access to Information Legislation: An Overview (May 2005) BP-383E $24.95
Federal Commercialization in Canada (20 December 2005) PRB 05-45E $13.50
Federal Government Finances: An Examination of Federal Revenues and Expenditures in the Provinces (14 February 2007) PRB 06-39E $16.50
Federal Government Spending: A Priori and A Posteriori Control Mechanisms (7 February 2006) PRB 05-50E $13.50
Fiscal Policy in Canada: The Changing Role of the Federal and Provincial Governments (27 March 2000) 91-2E $16.50
Foundations: An Update (4 April 2005) PRB 05-17E $13.50
Full Accrual Accounting (1 May 2004) PRB 04-04E $13.50
Government and Canada's 39th Parliament: Questions and Answers (7 December 2005) PRB 05-43E $19.95
Government and Canada's 40th Parliament: Questions and Answers (9 September 2008) PRB 08-12E $19.95
Government Subsidies to Businesses (22 January 2004) PRB 03-46E $16.50
Governor in Council Appointments: Recent Changes and Suggestions for Reform (17 May 2006) PRB 06-21E $13.50
Grants and Contributions (7 February 2006) PRB 05-49E $9.95
How to Read Parts 1 & II of the Estimates (28 January 2008) PRB 07-54E $9.95
Infrastructure Programs in the Provinces – 1994- to 2004 (29 December 2004) PRB 04-62E $16.50
Management, Resources and Results Structure Policy [In Brief] (23 August 2005) PRB 05-23E $9.95
Ministerial Staff: Issues of Accountability and Ethics (12 April 2006) PRB 06-02E $13.50
Modern Comptrollership (29 September 2003) PRB 03-13E $13.50
Modern Comptrollership and the Management Accountability Framework (3 April 2006) PRB 06-23E $13.50
Moving Public Servants to the Regions (31 March 2006) PRB 05-100E $13.50
Parliamentary Committee Review of Estimates Documents and Auditor General's Reports in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (24 August 2005) PRB 05-27E $16.50
Political Financing and Campaign Regulation (23 February 2006) PRB 05-79E $9.95
The Possible Establishment of a Federal Director of Public Prosecutions in Canada (2 March 2006) PRB 05-67E $13.50
Procurement, Contracting and Advertising Management in the Federal Government: Latest Developments (6 February 2006) PRB 05-77E $9.95
Shared Services: Lower Costs, Improved Services and Change in Culture (23 September 2005) PRB 05-32E $13.50
When Do Acts Come into Force? [Mini-Review] (8 July 1990) 84-7E $4.95

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This page last modified: October 9, 2008

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