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Annual Statutes of Canada

Year Volume Catalogue Number Price  
2010 Three-Volume Set YX2-2010 $240.00 Add to Cart
2009 Three-Volume Set YX2-2009 $240.00 Add to Cart
2008 Two-Volume Set YX2-2008 $220.00 Add to Cart
2007 Three-Volume Set YX2-2007 $234.00 Add to Cart
2006 Two-Volume Set YX2-2006 $224.00 Add to Cart
2005 Two-Volume Set YX2-2005 $224.95 Add to Cart
2004 Two-Volume Set YX2-2004 $224.50 Add to Cart
2003 Two-Volume Set YX2-2003 $224.95 Add to Cart
2002 Two-Volume Set YX2-2002 $240.00 Add to Cart
2001 Three-Volume Set YX2-2001 $325.00 Add to Cart
2000 Two-Volume Set YX2-2000 $225.00 Add to Cart
1999 Two-Volume Set YX2-1999 $225.00 Add to Cart
1998 Two-Volume Set YX2-1998 $97.50 Add to Cart
1997 Six-Volume Set YX2-1997 $225.00 Add to Cart
1996 Two-Volume Set YX2-1996 $100.00 Add to Cart
1995 Two-Volume Set YX2-1995 $125.00 Add to Cart
1994 One (of Four) YX2-1994/1 $59.98 Add to Cart
  Two (of Four) YX2-1994/2 $44.98 Add to Cart
Three (of Four) YX2-1994/3 $80.48 Add to Cart
Four (of Four) YX2-1994/4 $34.98 Add to Cart
  Total: $220.42  
1993 One (of Four) YX2-1993/1 $44.98 Add to Cart
  Two (of Four) YX2-1993/2 $59.98 Add to Cart
Three (of Four) YX2-1993/3 $104.98 Add to Cart
Four (of Four) YX2-1993/4 $34.98 Add to Cart
  Total: $244.92  
1992 One (of Two) YX2-1992/1 $62.50 Add to Cart
  Two (of Two) YX2-1992/2 $62.50
Add to Cart
  Total: $125.00  
1991 One (of Three) YX2-1991/1 $99.00 Add to Cart
  Two (of Three) YX2-1991/2 $99.00 Add to Cart
Three (of Three) YX2-1991/3 $99.00 Add to Cart
  Total: $297.00  
1990 One (of Two) YX2-1990/1 $102.95 Add to Cart
  Two (of Two) YX2-1990/2 $102.95 Add to Cart
  Total: $205.90  
1989 One (of One) YX2-1989 Out of Print  
1988 One (of Four) YX2-1988/1 $72.25 Add to Cart
  Two (of Four) YX2-1988/2 $71.25 Add to Cart
Three (of Four) YX2-1988/3 $160.50 Add to Cart
Four (of Four) YX2-1988/4 $51.50 Add to Cart
  Total: $355.50  
1987 One (of Three) YX2-1987/1 Out of Print  
  Two (of Three) YX2-1987/2 Out of Print  
Three (of Three) YX2-1987/3 Out of Print  

Produced by Justice Canada.
Published by Canadian Government Publishing


Each annual edition of the hardbound Statutes of Canada contain all statutes given Royal Assent for that calendar year. The volumes available have been issued since the Revised Statutes of Canada 1985. Please note, the first two volumes of the 1987 Statutes are permanently out of print.

All volumes are bilingual.


Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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This page last modified: September 29, 2011

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