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Ontario Small Claims Court Statutes, Regulations and Rules 2011-2012

Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-0-7798-3596-6
Pages 1260
Language English only
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Consulting Editor: Mr. Justice Marvin A. Zuker.
Published by Carswell, 2011.

This is an annual publication. The 2011-2012 edition was released August 2011.


Consolidated Ontario Small Claims Court Statutes, Regulations and Rules 2011-2012 provides users with access to a wealth of detailed information that includes:
  • Introductory notes on selected provincial and federal legislation
  • Detailed reference chart highlighting context in which legislation is to be used
  • All statutes and regulations most often used in Ontario Small Claims Court
  • A complete and central source of applicable, relevant, and up-to-date laws and regulations
Compiled by Justice Zuker, this text is destined to become a valued, one-stop working tool for legal professionals, judges, students, and anyone else working in or associated with the Ontario Small Claims Court. It also includes a brief introductory note on selected legislation, highlighting the context in which it is to be used, and a handy reference chart of issues and related statutes, and a comprehensive index. This consolidation is also an excellent companion to Justice Zuker's Ontario Small Claims Court Practice.

Legislation includes:
  • Administration of Justice Act and Regulations
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (selected sections)
  • Bulk Sales Act
  • Collection Agencies Act and Regulation
  • Consumer Protection Act, 2002 and Regulation
  • Consumer Reporting Act and Regulation
  • Courts of Justice Act and Regulations
  • Creditors' Relief Act, 2010
  • Dog Owners' Liability Act and Regulation
  • Environmental Protection Act (selected sections)
  • Evidence Act and Regulation
  • Execution Act and Regulation
  • Highway Traffic Act (selected sections)
  • Insurance Act Code of Conduct
  • Law Society Act
  • Legislation Act, 2006
  • Limitations Act, 2002
  • Motor Vehicles Dealers Act
  • Motor Vehicles Act, 2002 and Regulation
  • Negligence Act
  • Parental Responsibility Act, 2000 and Regulation
  • Partnerships Act, 2009
  • Personal Property Security Act and Regulations
  • Proceedings Against the Crown Act, 2009 and Regulation
  • Public Authorities Protection Act
  • Real Estate & Business Broker Act, 2002 (selected sections) and Regulations
  • Real Property Limitations Act, 2009
  • Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act
  • Repair and Storage Liens Act and Regulations
  • Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 and Regulations
  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Solicitors Act, 2009 and Regulation
  • Statute of Frauds
  • Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Regulation
  • Trespass to Property Act
  • Unconscionable Transactions Relief Act
  • Wages Act
This collection of Statutes, Regulations and Rules has been published and updated to serve both those who represent litigants in Small Claims Court and those who represent themselves to recover damages or collect debts up to the maximum of $25,000, excluding interest. The Ontario legislation in this consolidation is current to Ontario Gazette vol. 144:19 (May 7, 2011). The federal legislation is current to the Canada Gazette vol. 145:10 (May 11, 2011).

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