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Canadian Copyright Law, 3rd Edition

Copyright infringement has always been an invisible crime. In the past, artists and producers have lost millions every year when their works were used without permission. At times, it was hard for even the most knowledgeable to keep current and know when they had crossed that unseen line.

Now, the explosion of the Internet and other digital media is making copyright one of the most discussed issues of the new millennium. Many regard the Internet as a public forum and assume material is free for the taking. The line between what is protected and what is “free” is blurring further and the copyright issues are more complex than ever. Lesley Ellen Harris, lawyer and copyright expert, addresses these issues and more. She takes the convoluted legal jargon of the Canadian Copyright Act and sets it out in everyday language. She provides concrete examples to offer further clarification of complicated matters.

In this third edition of Canadian Copyright Law, Harris brings you the latest updates according to new Canadian legislation and international agreements. And she provides a complete update on copyright issues relating to digital media.
Canadian Copyright Law answers both basic and intricate questions, including:
  • What is copyright?
  • Is content on a Web site protected by copyright?
  • How do I clear permission in order to use copyright protected material?
  • How do I register my work?
  • May I freely copy protected works for educational purposes?
  • What are electronic and digital rights?
  • How do I stop someone who is using my work without my permission?
Whether you are a creator or user of copyright material, Canadian Copyright Law will keep you current on copyright law in Canada and its applications to your situation – to protect your creations, content and products in these rapidly changing markets.
Canadian Copyright Law
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Understanding Intellectual Property
Chapter 2: Copyright Law in Canada
Chapter 3: Is Your Creation Eligible for Copyright Protection?
Chapter 4: Are Formalities Required to Obtain Copyright Protection?
Chapter 5: How Does International Copyright Protection Work?
Chapter 6: What is Protected by Copyright?
Chapter 7: Who Owns Copyright?
Chapter 8: The Duration of Copyright
Chapter 9: Rights Protected by Copyright
Chapter 10: Limitation on Rights
Chapter 11: How Can Rights Be Exploited?
Chapter 12: How Is Copyright Violated?
Chapter 13: What Are the Remedies for the Violation of Copyright?
Chapter 14: Using Copyright Materials
Chapter 15: Canadian and American Copyright Laws: A Comparison
Chapter 16: Digital Copyright and Electronic Rights
Appendix I: Copyright Act
Appendix II: Application for Registration of Copyright and Certificate of Registration
Appendix III: Member Countries of Berne Convention, the UCC and the WTO

Written by Lesley Ellen Harris. Published by McGraw Hill Ryerson, 2000.
Catalogue No. 0-07-560369-1
Price $26.99
Format Softcover
Pages 352
Language English only
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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Last modified: November 24, 2000

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