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House of Commons Bills

37th Parliament, First Session (current session of Parliament)

We carry the full range of Canadian federal government legislation, including statutes, regulations, and bills before Parliament. The bills listed below are from the current session of Parliament. House bills are bilingual and are printed at three stages: first reading, third reading (as passed by the House of Commons), and at Royal Assent when they are assigned a chapter number from the Statutes of Canada. Previous versions are permanently out of print. We have also listed the final statute version where applicable.

Subscription to Bills introduced in the House of Commons and Senate, First and Third Reading Copies: $2100/year.

How a Bill Becomes Law

C-2 An Act to amend the Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations YX3-2001-5 Final Statute $2.95
C-3 An Act to amend the Eldorado Nuclear Limited Reorganization and Divestiture Act and the Petro-Canada Public Participation Act YX3-2001-18 Final Statute $2.95
C-4 Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology Act YX3-2001-23 Final Statute $3.00
C-5 Species at Risk Act XB371-5-3 Third Reading $21.00
C-6 An Act to amend the International Boundary Waters Treaty Act YX3-2001-40 Final Statute $2.95
C-7 Youth Criminal Justice Act YX3-2002-1 Final Statute $25.75
C-8 Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Act YX3-2001-9 Final Statute $138.00
C-9 An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act YX3-2001-21 Final Statute $2.95
C-10 Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act YX3-2002-18 Final Statute $4.00
C-11 Immigration and Refugee Protection Act YX3-2001-27 Final Statute $16.00
C-12 An Act to amend the Judges Act and to amend another Act in consequence YX3-2001-7 Final Statute $6.25
C-13 An Act to amend the Excise Tax Act YX3-2001-15 Final Statute $7.25
C-14 Canada Shipping Act, 2001 YX3-2001-26 Final Statute $27.50
C-15A Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2001 YX3-2002-13 Final Statute $7.75
C-15B An Act to amend the Criminal Code (cruelty to animals and firearms) and the Firearms Act XB371-15B-3 Third Reading $13.00
C-16 Charities Registration (Security Information) Act
Order discharged and Bill withdrawn -- October 15, 2001
XB371-16-1 First Reading $13.00
C-17 An Act to amend the Budget Implementation Act, 1997 and the Financial Administration Act YX3-2001-11 Final Statute $2.95
C-18 An Act to amend the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act YX3-2001-19 Final Statute $2.95
C-19 An Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act XB371-19-1 First Reading $16.00
C-20 Appropriation Act No. 3, 2000-2001 YX3-2001-1 Final Statute $6.00
C-21 Appropriation Act No. 1, 2001-2002 YX3-2001-2 Final Statute $5.75
C-22 Income Tax Amendments Act, 2000 YX3-2001-17 Final Statute $77.50
C-23 An Act to amend the Competition Act and the Competition Tribunal Act YX3-2002-16 Final Statute $6.25
C-24 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (Organized Crime and Law Enforcement) and to amend other Acts in consequence YX3-2001-32 Final Statute $11.00
C-25 An Act to amend the Farm Credit Corporation Act and to amend other Acts in consequence YX3-2001-22 Final Statute $2.95
C-26 Tobacco Tax Amendments Act, 2001 YX3-2001-16 Final Statute $4.50
C-27 Nuclear Fuel Waste Act YX3-2002-23 Final Statute $2.95
C-28 An Act to amend the Parliament of Canada Act, the Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act and the Salaries Act YX3-2001-20 Final Statute $4.25
C-29 Appropriation Act No. 2, 2001-2002 YX3-2001-24 Final Statute $8.75
C-30 Courts Administration Service Act YX3-2002-8 Final Statute $14.50
C-31 An Act to amend the Export Development Act and to amend other Acts in consequence YX3-2001-33 Final Statute $2.95
C-32 Canada - Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act YX3-2001-28 Final Statute $16.50
C-33 Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act YX3-2002-10 Final Statute $13.00
C-34 Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act YX3-2001-29 Final Statute $8.75
C-35 An Act to amend the Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act YX3-2002-12 Final Statute $2.95
C-36 Anti-terrorism Act YX3-2001-41 Final Statute $28.00
C-37 Claim Settlements (Alberta and Saskatchewan) Implementation Act YX3-2002-3 Final Statute $2.95
C-38 An Act to amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act YX3-2001-35 Final Statute $2.95
C-39 Yukon Act YX3-2002-7 Final Statute $13.50
C-40 Miscellaneous Statute Law Amendment Act 2001 YX3-2001-30 Final Statute $4.00
C-41 An Act to amend the Canadian Commercial Corporation Act YX3-2002-4 Final Statute $2.95
C-42 Public Safety Act
Order discharged and Bill withdrawn -- April 24, 2002
XB371-42-1 First Reading $21.00
C-43 An Act to amend certain Acts and instruments and to repeal the Fisheries Price Support Act YX3-2002-17 Final Statute $2.95
C-44 An Act to amend the Aeronautics Act YX3-2001-38 Final Statute $2.95
C-45 Appropriation Act No. 3, 2001-2002 YX3-2001-39 Final Statute $5.50
C-46 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (alcohol ignition interlock device programs) YX3-2001-37 Final Statute $2.95
C-47 Excise Act, 2001 YX3-2002-22 Final Statute $37.75
C-48 An Act to amend the Copyright Act XB371-48-3 Third Reading $5.00
C-49 Budget Implementation Act, 2001 YX3-2002-9 Final Statute $16.75
C-50 An Act to amend certain Acts as a result of the accession of the People's Republic of China to the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization YX3-2002-19 Final Statute $4.75
C-51 Appropriation Act No. 4, 2001-2002 YX3-2002-5 Final Statute $5.75
C-52 Appropriation Act No. 1, 2002-2003 YX3-2002-6 Final Statute $5.00
C-53 Pest Control Products Act XB371-53-3 Third Reading $17.00
C-54 Physical Activity and Sport Act XB371-54-3 Third Reading $12.00
C-55 Public Safety Act, 2002 XB371-55-1 First Reading $22.00
C-56 Assisted Human Reproduction Act XB371-56-1 First Reading $14.00
C-57 An Act to amend the Nuclear Safety and Control Act XB371-57-1 First Reading $5.00
C-58 An Act to amend the Canada Pension Plan and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act XB371-58-1 First Reading $12.00
C-59 Appropriation Act No. 2, 2002-2003 YX3-2002-21 Final Statute $9.25
C-60 Specific Claims Resolution Act XB371-60-1 First Reading $14.00
C-61 First Nations Governance Act XB371-61-1 First Reading $14.00

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