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Le Français pour nous: Bloc 1

  • identify yourself and other people, things, documents; express relationships of belonging to something and possession; say where people, things, documents or places are; make communication clearer through various means;
  • personal pronouns; être, avoir plus "er" verbs in the present tense; interrogative forms and the words qui, quel, ; articles, c'est, ce sont; possessive adjectives and pronouns; agreement and position of adjectives; il y a; negation, the pronoun en.
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Progrès 1
User's Guide SC84-4-8100-1001F $8.95 Add to Cart
Candidate's Booklet SC84-4-8100-2001 $6.95 Add to Cart
Correction Key (A) SC84-4-8100-3001AF $2.95 Add to Cart
Correction Key (B) SC84-4-8100-3001BF $2.95 Add to Cart
Cassette SC84-4-8100-5001F $9.95 Add to Cart
Results Sheets SC84-4-8100-7001F $1.50 Add to Cart

Written by the Public Service Commission of Canada. Published by Canadian Government Publishing, 1991.

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Last modified: July 7, 2005

Language Training in Canada
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