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The No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration, Second Edition

The No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration, 2nd Edition    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-1-897071-43-4
Pages 144
Language English only
Price $16.00
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Written by Peter Stalker.
Published in Canada in association with New Internationalist Publications™ Ltd. by Between the Lines, 2008.


Millions of people emigrate each year in search of a better life. Are they coming to steal jobs or live off welfare? And what happens to the communities they leave behind?

The No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration unravels the global migration paradoxes, explaining the economic and social issues behind the flows of people. It assembles the latest facts and figures, and distills down the evidence – revealing exactly why rich countries need more immigrants. Author Peter Stalker distinguishes carefully between asylum seekers, settlers, migrating professionals and those who, in order to skew the argument from the beginning, are usually called "economic migrants." He explains how immigration benefits receiving countries, and why the global history of enriching immigration makes myopics of those who want to clamp down indiscriminately on it now.

  • How many immigrants are there?
  • Why people migrate
  • Choosing the destination
  • The economic benefits of immigration
  • Emigrants as heroes
  • Shock absorbers for the global economy
“A well-written and up-to-date guide that will be useful to students, scholars and anyone who wants to learn about migration” – Professor Philip L. Martin, University of California, Chair of the Comparative Immigration & Integration Program and Editor of Migration News
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