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National Fire Code of Canada 2005

October 6, 2010: The next edition of the National Fire Code of Canada is expected to be released the end of November (price TBA). If you would like to be notified when the new edition is available to order, please contact us.

National Fire Code 2005          
Format Loose-leaf Binder OR Format Softcover
Catalogue No. NRCC47667B   Catalogue No. NRCC47667S
Pages Approx. 320   Pages Approx. 320
Language English; Aussi disponible en français   Language English; Aussi disponible en français 
Price $140.00 (for 2005 Code)   Price $130.00 (for 2005 Code)
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Prepared under the auspices of the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes.
Published by the National Research Council of Canada, 2005.


The National Fire Code of Canada (NFC) establishes fire safety for both occupants and emergency responders - inside and outside of new and existing buildings. It does so through a number of provisions, including: elimination or control of fire hazards caused by activities taking place on premises (the use of the building) and by the operation of service equipment; restrictions on building contents and storage arrangements; installation of certain process equipment; installation, maintenance and operation of certain fire safety systems and measures; fire emergency planning and the establishment of a fire safety plan; and retrofit of certain building features to the standards required for new buildings. When applied, the NFC also limits the economic and environmental impact on the community of fires at premises where combustible products, dangerous goods or flammable and combustible liquids are stored, handled, used or processed.

Since the publication of the previous edition in 1995, all three National Construction Codes have undergone extensive reviews and changes that now make the 2005 editions clearer, easier to apply to renovation and more accommodating to technological innovation. New to the 2005 Code:
  • Over 300 technical changes in the 2005 NFC
  • New information, namely the objectives and functional statements, designed to improve clarity and consistency in the application of the codes' requirements
  • A new organizational layout. The Code comprises three divisions: Divisions A, B and C
ivision A includes compliance options and information on new elements called objectives and functional statements. Objectives describe the overall goals that a particular Code's provisions are intended to achieve. Functional statements describe the functions that a building or its components must perform to fulfill the objectives. At least one objective and one functional statement are linked to each technical requirement to help users better understand the reason why a particular requirement must be met and to help them evaluate alternative solutions.

In Division B, Code users can find the "acceptable solutions," which consist of the 1995 Code provisions updated with technical changes. Most of the Code structure and vocabulary that users are familiar with remain the same, which will make getting used to the new Codes much easier.

Finally, Division C contains administrative provisions, which have all been consolidated into this one place.

All requirements in the 2005 NFC are linked to one or more of the following three top-level objectives:
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Fire Protection of Buildings and Facilities
Under Canada's Constitution Act, regulation of fire safety is the responsibility of provincial and territorial governments. The NFC is in the form of a model code to permit adoption by the appropriate authority. Most provinces and territories adopt or adapt the model NFC and enforce its requirements.

The National Fire Code 2005 is available in two practical formats:
  • A binder version that lies flat for easy reference easily accommodates updates.
  • A soft-cover version that contains the same information as the binder, at about half the weight. This format is ideal for the job site.
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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This page last modified: October 6, 2010

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