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Technology (Groundwork Guides)

Technology (Groundwork Guides)    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-0-88899-984-9
Pages 144
Language English only
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Written by Wayne Grady.
Published by Groundwood Books, 2010.


Technology is the most prevalent and powerful force in the modern world. Different aspects of technology play immense roles in our lives, from determining how doctors treat diseases to the kinds of energy we use to fuel our vehicles, from providing us with means of exploring the universe to communication systems such as the cell phone and the Internet.

Science and nature writer Wayne Grady traces the development of technology from the Stone Age to the Age of the Internet, showing how technology's ascent has served to separate humans from nature and from each other. He examines the intimate relationship between technology and war. While acknowledging that we have benefited from technological advances, especially in the fields of medicine and communications, Grady asks why it is that so much potentially beneficial technology ends up providing little but "toys for the rich."

In the end, Grady argues, the problem of technology is an ethical one: do we regain control of technology and make it do what we, as a society, decide is beneficial? Or do we continue to allow technology to dictate the direction in which society is headed?

Wayne Grady is an award-winning author of science and natural history. He is the former science editor of Equinox magazine, and the winner of three Science in Society Awards. He has written several books of non-fiction, including The Great Lakes, which won the American National Outdoor Book Award. Grady teaches creative non-fiction at the University of British Columbia. He lives near Kingston, Ontario.

The Groundwork Guides provide an overview of key contemporary political and social issues. Engaging, concise and clearly written, these books tackle pressing and sometimes controversial topics, offering both a lively introduction to the subject and a strong point of view.

This book is suitable for ages 14 and up.

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