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Ontario: Image, Identity, and Power

The image on the cover suggests many of the most prominent themes in Ontario's history: the landscape, natural resources, commercial activity, the railways that played such a central part in Confederation, the border that represents both separation from and links to the United States. What is not visible in the image is the human diversity that today may well be the province's most distinctive feature. In 1870, of course, such diversity would have been unimaginable to Ontarians, the majority of whom traced their roots to the British Isles. Nevertheless, as Peter Baskerville points out, Ontario was never the homogeneous entity that many Canadians have imagined. Ontario: Image, Identity and Power

Thousands of years before the creation of the political unit that we know as Ontario, the land itself was sharply divided between north and south. That division was reflected in the complex relations that existed between the Iroquoian peoples of the south and the Algonkian peoples of the north--relations that in many ways prefigured the patterns of social and economic interaction that evolved following the arrival of the first European settlers.

Ontario: Image, Identity, and Power is generously illustrated with roughly 150 paintings, drawings, and photographs that shed their own light on Ontario's social, economic, and political evolution.

  • Preface Acknowledgements
  • 1. Change and Exchange: 9000 BCE-1500 CE
  • 2. Cultural Transformation: 1580-1653
  • 3. Contested Terrain and Cultural Mixing: 1653-1763
  • 4. The 'Men with Hats': 1763-1791
  • 5. Rural Life: 1791-1871
  • 6. Towards a Canadian Polity: 1791-1867
  • 7. Ontario in the New Dominion: 1867-1905
  • 8. The Making of Industrial Ontario: 1905-1923
  • 9. Boom, Bust, and War: 1823-1943
  • 10. Modern Ontario: 1945-2000
  • Notes
  • Index
Written by Peter Baskerville. Published by Oxford University Press, 2002.

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Pages 248
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