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The Mother of all Baby Books

Uniquely tailored to meet the needs of Canadian parents and written by Canada’s foremost parenting author, this book is a frank, funny, and informative look at the first year of your baby’s life. Building on the tremendous success of The Mother of All® Pregnancy Books, The Mother of all Baby Books is empowering, comprehensive, medically accurate, and packed with tons of nuts-and-bolts information.

While the bookstore shelves are overflowing with "baby’s first year" books, what's been missing from the market up until now is a lively, well-written book that is targeted specifically at Canadian parents. While some might argue that there’s no need for such a book (after all, don’t babies develop in much the same way on both sides of the border?), there are enough differences between the U.S. and Canadian child-rearing environments to warrant a guide that is written expressly for Canadian parents.
The Mother of all Baby Books

For one thing, Canadian mothers have much lengthier maternity leaves than American mothers – something that affects decisions concerning breastfeeding, the introduction of solid foods, sleep practices, and so on – and Canadians also tend to take a more informed approach to such infant-health issues as immunization.

And then there’s the fact that major health authorities such as the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics don’t always see eye-to-eye on such important issues as infant circumcision, immunization, the length of time that breastfeeding is recommended, to name just a few.

Canadian parents need a baby book that is both relevant and informative and that cites Canadian rather than American health authorities on a range of important infant health issues.

Written by Ann Douglas. Published by Macmillan Canada, 2001.
Catalogue No. 1-55335-007-3
Price $26.99
Format Softcover
Pages 576
Language English only

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