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HQ (Health Quotient): An Intelligent Approach to Personal Health

Emotional intelligence and EQ awareness have fundamentally altered the way we perceive psychology and personal achievement. Now, east meets west as world-renowned Canadian pediatrician and health crusader Dr. Wah Jun Tze revolutionizes our approach to personal health with HQ. By providing a comprehensive, easy-to-understand plan to improve your Health Quotient, Dr. Tze gives you the tools you need to take charge to your life-long health and vitality. HQ (Health Quotient)
Everyone today is looking for a way to be healthier, live longer and enjoy a better life. To most people, however, the road to achieving this goal appears long on complications and obstacles, and short on guideposts and support. HQ will equip you to sort through today's constant stream of medical information and advice by exploring the fundamental principles of good health and providing the information you need to make informed decisions about your life-long wellness. HQ is a holistic, integrative, evidence-based concept of health devised by Dr. Tze, a clinician, physician, academic and scientist with extensive knowledge of complementary medicines, particularly Chinese traditional medicine. With his unique background, Dr. Tze will help you find the best elements of existing systems and practices and integrate the latest high-tech advances of mainstream Western medicine with mind/body medicine, spirituality ancient remedies.

Take the comprehensive health questionnaire at the beginning of the book to produce your personal HQ Profile, which measures both your current health situation and the way you can take positive actions to change it. Once you've taken the test and carefully considered the results along with the information in the rest of this book you will have the means to live a longer and healthier life and, more importantly, the quality of your life will e much higher - whatever you age, whatever your medical condition.

HQ serves as both road map and compass, guiding you on your journey to better health through the confusing and often uncharted territories of our current health world.

The five components of HQ Awareness:
  • Self-Care - take an active approach to health and wellness by managing disease and illness, being attuned to your physical and emotional state, and having a positive outlook
  • Knowledge of Health - increase your knowledge of health, the healthcare system, and health maintenance issues, and of risk factors and tools for health monitoring
  • Lifestyle - become aware of the specific health effects of your personal habits and activities
  • The Mind - learn to assess not only your mental and psychological state but your emotional state, personal beliefs, and stress
  • Life Skills - develop your core life skills by re-evaluating your relationship to your environment, including support systems, work, and personal relationships
"This novel, multidisciplinary approach to achieving health and wellbeing is to be commended.... Timely, well thought through and a significant tool people can use for their benefit." -- J.A. Losos, M.D. Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Canada
Written by Dr. Wah Jun Tze. Published by Random House Canada, 2001.
Catalogue No. 0-679-31055-X
Price $29.95
Format Softcover
Pages 306
Language English only
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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Last modified: May 9, 2001

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