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Fearless: The Complete Personal Safety Guide for Women

Fearless: The Complete Personal Safety Guide for Women is an extensive manual that offers a unique balance of practical advice on personal safety and an array of self-defence strategies, with an academic exploration of the psychology of offenders and victims.

While presenting the reader with detailed self-defence material, including strategies for safety awareness and effective physical and non-physical resistance techniques, Paul Henry Danylewich investigates the social patterns of sexual assault and domestic violence using the material from interviews with 50 sex offenders, as well as the resources provided by law enforcement agencies, rape crisis centres, hospitals, and public safety organizations in North America.

Written by the director of White Tiger Street Defense, a group specializing in safety issues for women, Fearless offers clear instruction on physical and non-physical self-defence strategies. The two principles guiding this manual are that women in general are not conditioned or socialized adequately to defend themselves in threatening situations, and, more generally, that knowledge is power. Danylewich offers prevention tips to reduce the individual's chances of becoming the target of an aggressor and debunks myths surrounding sexual assault. He describes in detail the techniques for reducing the likelihood of being victimized in various circumstances, including:
  • dating relationships and parties
  • driving alone
  • working late
  • walking alone
  • taking public transit
  • at home when answering the phone or the front door
Fearless: The Complete Personal Safety Guide for Women
To help women learn these easy and effective techniques, the guide is packed with over 140 action photo illustrations.

Fearless contains information every woman should have to help her live more safely and with less fear. This guide is a complete personal safety manual that can empower women with the resources necessary to help recognize and avoid potentially violent situations.

Written by Paul Henry Danylewich. Published by University of Toronto Press, 2001.
Catalogue No. 0-8020-8112-6
Price $25.50
Format Softcover
Pages 120
Language English only
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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