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World Affairs: Defining Canada’s Role

World Affairs: Defining Canada's Role    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 0-19-541278-8
Pages 96
Language English only
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Written by Ian Henderson, Peter Lawley, Norm Probert, and Don Quinlan.
Published by Oxford University Press, 1999.


World Affairs: Defining Canada’s Role examines the prominent part Canada has played in the three defining events of the twentieth century: World War I, World War II, and the search for peace that followed these catastrophic conflicts. Written with a high-school audience in mind, the story of Canada's involvement on the world stage is told in a clear, concise narrative supplemented by case studies, primary sources, eyewitness accounts, biographical profiles, timelines, and contemporary poetry and paintings. The text is further enhanced by a wealth of illustrations, maps and more than 100 photographs.


Unit 1: World War I (Don Quinlan)
1.Introduction: The Century Opens
2.The Road to War
3.Over There: The Canadian Expeditionary Force
4.The Horror of the Trenches
5.Artists at War
6.Trial by Fire: Ypres
7.Birth of a Nation
9.Knights of the Air
10.The War at Sea
11.Behind the Lines
12.Enemy Aliens
13.The War on the Home Front
14."The Invisible Army:" Women and World War I
15.Canada Divided: The Conscription Controversy
16.The Ashes of War
Unit 2: World War II
17.Between the Wars - Norm Probert
18.The Mailed Fist - Norm Probert
19.Blitzkrieg: The War Begins - Norm Probert
20.Canada Responds - Norm Probert
21.Dieppe - Ian Henderson
22.The Battle of the Atlantic - Norm Probert
23.The War in the Air - Norm Probert
24.The Homefront - Ian Henderson
25.Women at War - Ian Henderson
26.Detention: Japanese Canadians - Ian Henderson
27.The American Ally - Norm Probert
28.Spies and POWs - Norm Probert
29.From D-Day to VE-Day - Ian Henderson
30.The Holocaust - Ian Henderson
31.From Hiroshima to VJ-Day - Ian Henderson
Unit 3: The Quest for Peace (Peter Lawley)
32.The United Nations
33.The Cold War
35.The Korean War
36.Lester Pearson and the Suez Crisis
37.Foreign Aid and Development
38.The Commonwealth
39.La Francophonie
41.Peacemaking: The Gulf War
42.Peacekeeping: Somalia
43.Peacekeeping: Yugoslavia
44.Canada in the 21st Century

World Affairs: Defining Canada’s Role is part of the Canadian Challenges series, edited by Don Quinlan.

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