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The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 4th Edition

Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 0-07-136513-3
Pages 286
Language English only
Price $17.95

Revised by the American Institute of Parliamentarians.
Written by Alice Sturgis. Published by McGraw-Hill Inc., 2001.


The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure has been described as "Robert's rules of order without the deadwood". It's an apt description.

The term "Robert's rules of order" is commonly used today as a synonym for parliamentary procedure, meaning that a meeting will be conducted with some formality. However, many organizations ignore the burdensome provisions.

Alice Sturgis believed that confusing or unnecessary motions and terminology should be eliminated. Her goal was to make the process simpler, fairer, and easier to understand, and The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure did just that, preserving the traditional procedures, but making them more "user friendly".
"A copy of the 4th Edition of The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure should be passed to every new president along with the gavel." – Sarah Ann Long, President American Library Association
"The timeless contribution of Sturgis’ concise presentation of the ‘right way’ to conduct meetings for best results, while maintaining collegiality and efficiency, has guided many successful individuals and organizations..." – John A. Knote, M.D. Speaker, House of Delegates American Medical Association
"Many of our newer, less experienced leaders were so intimidated by the complexity of Robert's Rules that they simply did not participate during our annual conventions. The Standard Code is a more common sense approach to parliamentary procedure, one that simplifies the movement of business on the floor while still maintaining order during heated of debates." – Patricia Friend, International President Association of Flight Attendants, AFL-CIO
"This new edition of the Standard Code is easy to read and understand. Some of the concepts in earlier editions have been refined and clarified, while retaining the basic system that has served democratic societies so well for so long." – Loretta Simonson Former President National Association of Parliamentarians
"The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure presents a clear, logical approach to parliamentary procedure which can be applied in practice without the necessity of becoming enmeshed in detailed rules rarely if ever encountered in present-day meetings." – Norman Horrocks, Ph.D. Parliamentarian Canadian Library Association

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Significance of Parliamentary Law.
Chapter 2: Fundamentals Principles of Parliamentary Law.
Chapter 3: Presentation of Motions.
Chapter 4: Classification of Motions.
Chapter 5: Precedence of Motions.
Chapter 6: Rules Governing Motions.
Chapter 7: Main Motions.
Chapter 8: Subsidiary Motions.
Chapter 9: Privileged Motions.
Chapter 10: Incidental Motions.
Chapter 11: Notice of Meetings and Proposals.
Chapter 12: Meetings.
Chapter 13: Quorum.
Chapter 14: Order of Business.
Chapter 15: Debate.
Chapter 16: Votes Required for Valid Actions.
Chapter 17: Methods of Voting.
Chapter 18: Nominations and Elections.
Chapter 19: Officers.
Chapter 20: Committees and Boards.
Chapter 21: Committee Reports and Recommendations.
Chapter 22: Conventions and Their Committees.
Chapter 23: Minutes.
Chapter 24: Charters, Bylaws, and Rules.
Chapter 25: Finances.
Chapter 26: Legal Classifications of Organizations.
Chapter 27: Rights of Members and of Organizations.
Chapter 28: Staff and Consultants.
Chapter 29: Functioning Under Robert's Rules of Order.
Chapter 30: Often-Asked Questions.

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