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Cities (Groundwork Guides)

Cities (Groundwork Guides)    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-0-88899-819-4
Pages 144
Language English only
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Written by John Lorinc.
Published by Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press, 2008.


The year 2008 marked a defining moment in human history — for the first time, more people were living in cities than in rural areas. This thought-provoking book by cities specialist John Lorinc considers the enormous implications of the mass migration away from rural regions.

Cities have always been the incubators of new ideas, economic innovation and social reform. But in the twenty-first century, the demands and expectations placed on cities are unprecedented. In the developed world, city-dwellers must find ways to deal with chronic inner-city poverty and homelessness, massive over-consumption of energy and non-stop suburban sprawl. Mega-cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America face the massive challenges of poverty, burgeoning populations, vast slums, housing demolitions and a surge in tropical storms resulting from global warming.

Lorinc predicts that solutions will emerge from neighborhoods and dynamic networks linking communities to governments and the broader urban world. Some of these measures will be local, while others will borrow from successful urban ventures in other cities and metropolitan regions.

But beyond the search for better housing, transit, economic opportunity and security within neighborhoods, today's city-dwellers confront a fundamental question about what it means to live in our urban world. How do people from vastly different cultures and economic circumstances learn to accommodate one another's needs within the confines of very dense and complex mega-cities? This is the challenge that lies at the very heart of life in this new century.

John Lorinc is a journalist who specializes in urban/municipal issues, business, politics and culture. Over the past twenty years, he was written for many publications, including The Globe and Mail and Toronto Life. He has won numerous National Magazine awards for his coverage of urban affairs. Lorinc is a former national chair of PEN Canada and a founding member of the Canadian Coalition for School Libraries.

The Groundwork Guides provide an overview of key contemporary political and social issues. Engaging, concise and clearly written, these books tackle pressing and sometimes controversial topics, offering both a lively introduction to the subject and a strong point of view.

This book is suitable for ages 14 and up.
"[The Groundwork Guides] are excellent books, mandatory for school libraries and the increasing body of young people prepared to take ownership of the situations and problems previous generations have left them." – The Globe and Mail
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