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Weird Canadian Weather

Catastrophes, Ice Storms, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Tsunamis

Weird Canadian Weather    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-1-897278-39-0
Pages 224
Language English only
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Written by A.H. Jackson.
Published by Folk Lore Publishing, 2009.


Fascinating weather facts and trivia await you in Weird Canadian Weather.

Don't like the weather; just wait five minutes. Real Canadian culture is complaining about the weather:
  • In January 1966, the temperature rose 21 degrees in four minutes when a Chinook arrived in Pincher Creek, Alberta
  • The ice storm of January 1998 in Eastern Canada caused power outages in Ontario and Quebec resulting in a state of emergency being declared and the Canadian Forces deployed
  • Canada's most destructive hailstorm occurred in Calgary on September 7, 1991, when a 30-minute storm caused over $300 million in damage
  • Canada's longest and deadliest heat wave occurred in Manitoba and Ontario between July 5 and 17, 1936, claiming 1180 lives, with temperatures exceeding 44°C (111°F)
  • Snag, Yukon, recorded the lowest temperatures in Canadian history, at -62.8°C (-80°F); skies were clear, winds calm, visibility was unlimited and 40 centimetres of snow lay on the ground.
  • Temperatures plunged to a chilling -2.7°C in Calgary, Alberta, on July 15, 1999, and residents foolish enough to keep their picnic and beach appointments braved snow flurries and winds gusting to 69 kilometres per hour
  • A massive tornado in Edmonton, Alberta, on July 31, 1987, left 27 dead, 253 injured and hundreds homeless, with damage estimates exceeding $250 million
And many more fascinating facts about our country's wild weather. Weird, but maybe not ...

Born in Simcoe, Ontario to a family of food processors, author A. H. Jackson has always been fascinated by the skies above our heads. He flew his first plane at 14 and left home at 17 to continue his atmospheric exploration. Jackson believes that, in the twine of life, there are two special genes unique to humankind—hope and humour—and thinks we should all turn to the funny side of life in the face of adversity. He must have quite the sense of humour, since he's been struck by lightning five times!

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