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Cleanair.ca: A Citizen's Action Guide

Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 0-9698351-4-0
Pages 114
Language English only
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Written by Chris Tollefson with Chris Rhone and Chris Rolfe of the Environmental Law Centre at University of Victoria.
Published by the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, 2001.


Never before have Canadians been as concerned about clean air. Public health experts estimate that air pollution is responsible for 16,000 premature deaths in this country each year; at this rate, forty Canadians die from air pollution-related causes each and every day.

"Until quite recently, Canadians tended to take clean air for granted. Indeed, for many of us, clean air was something that set Canada, especially urban Canada, apart from the rest of an increasingly polluted world. But times have changed. Today, few Canadians are complacent about air quality. Air pollution has become a key environmental and health priority."

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: An overview of the threats to our clean air within and beyond our borders and the role you can play in addressing them
  • A Scientific Primer: Our air resources are being threatened at local, regional, and global levels. This chapter describes the science you need to know to understand and respond to these threats
  • A Law and Policy Primer: Mobilizing for change requires a strategic appreciation of how decisions affecting our air resources are made. What you need to know about our legal and policy framework to be effective in working for cleaner air
  • Motor Vehicle Air Pollution: How we can reduce our dependence on the motor vehicle, and reduce the level of harmful emissions per motor vehicle kilometre travelled
  • Industrial Sources of Air Pollution: How governments currently regulate and manage industrial source air pollution, and how we can collectively - through enhanced citizen participation and other means - do a better job combatting it
  • A Citizen's Toolkit: The tools you need to get started, and be effective, as an advocate for clean air
  • Appendix:
    • Government Links
    • Environmental Registries
    • Statutes and Regulations
    • Freedom of Information
    • Elected Officials
    • Non-governmental Links
    • Books and Articles
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