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How Ottawa Spends 2001-2002: Power in Transition

Examining everything from gender equity to the courts, this new edition examines the Liberal government's evolving agenda as it moves into its third term in office. It is a significant work in public policy and will be perfect for courses in political science and public administration. It is also a useful resource for all those with an interest in Canadian politics and economics.

The federal election of October 2000 was hardly a campaign of ideas, and the Liberals won it without a clear or detailed platform of policy initiatives. The mini-budget promised substantial tax cuts, but insofar as the Liberals sketched out any priorities, they seemed to imply a shift towards increased spending. As well, in the closing days of their previous government, the Liberals seemed tired and lacking in policy focus. It remains unclear, therefore, how they will shape their new mandate and what continuity it will have with their previous policy directions.
How Ottawa Spends 2001-2002

This volume probes Ottawa's evolving agenda with chapters on a variety of economic and social policy topics: the government's fiscal and management framework, natural resources, regional development, air transportation, the social union, disability, gender equality, the voluntary sector, and the courts.

Table of Contents:
  1. How Ottawa Spends 2001-2: Power in Transition - Leslie A. Pal
  2. Priming the Electoral Pump: Framing Budgets for a Renewed Mandate - Geoffrey E. Hale, Lethbridge University
  3. How Ottawa Plans: The Evolution of Strategic Planning - Evert A. Lindquist, University of Victoria
  4. Managing In the New Public Service: Some Implications for How We Are Governed - Anne Perkins, independent scholar and Robert P. Shepherd, University of Ottawa
  5. Aiming for the Middle: Challenges to Federal Income Policy - Gerard W. Boychuk, University of Waterloo
  6. From Charity to Clarity: Reinventing Federal Government-Voluntary Sector Relationships - Susan D. Phillips, Carleton University
  7. Citizenship by Instalments: Federal Policies for Canadians with Disabilities - Michael J. Prince, University of Victoria
  8. The Case of the Disappearing Targets: The Liberals and Gender Equality - Sandra Burt, University of Waterloo and Sonya Lynn Hardman
  9. New Economy/Old Economy? Transforming Natural Resources Canada - G. Bruce Doern and Monica Gattinger, both at Carleton University
  10. Regional Development Policy: A Nexus of Policy and Politics - Rodney Haddow, St. Francis Xavier University
  11. A Delicate Dance: The Courts and the Chretien Government - Rainer Knopff, University of Calgary
  12. Appendix A: Political Facts and Trends
  13. Appendix B: Fiscal Facts and Trends
  14. Abstracts/Resumes
  15. Contributors
Edited by Leslie A. Pal. Published by Oxford University Press, 2001.
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Pages 347
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