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Communications in Canadian Society, 5th Edition

Communications in Canada    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 1-55077-118-3
Pages 325
Language English only
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Written by Craig McKie and Benjamin D. Singer.
Published by Thompson Educational Publishing, Inc., 2001.


Communications in Canadian Society, 5th Edition, provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of communications institutions in Canada. This edition has been thoroughly updated to take into account the changes taking place in information technology and the effects of this communications revolution in Canada and throughout the world.

As with previous editions, this edition provides a diversity of analytical perspectives, with selections by leading authorities in communication studies, journalism, sociology psychology, political science, and economics. It also provides a strong mix of both classic and contemporary Canadian writing in the field.

Primarily intended for use at Canadian universities and colleges, this book will also be useful to communications professionals and laypersons seeking a better understanding of the communications revolution.



Part 1: Canadian Media Institutions and Audiences
1. The Growth of the Mass Media in Canada, David R. Hall and Garth S. Jowett; 2. The Press in Canada: A Historical Overview, Roger Bird; 3. Trying to Stay Canadian: Uncertainties and Paradoxes in Public Policies for Canadian Television Broadcasting, Robert M. Pike; 4. The Special Role of Magazines in the History of Canadian Mass Media and National Development, Peter Desbarats; 5. Bringing down Giants: Thomas Nast, John Wilson Bengough and the Maturing of Political Cartooning, David R. Spencer; 6. The Broadcast Audience: A Sociological Perspective, Edward Withers and Robert S. Brown; 7. Broadcasting: Centralization, Regionalization, and Canadian Identity, John D. Jackson.

Part 2: Canada and the New Media

8. At Home in Cyberspace: Citizens of a New World, Craig McKie; 9. The Emergence of Orgamedia, Benjamin D. Singer; 10. Deconstruction, Philip Evans and Thomas S. Wurster

Part 3: Process and Impact of the Media

11. The Advertising of Politics and the Politics of Advertising, Jonathon Rose; 12. The Mass Media and Political Communication in Canada, Robert Everett and Fred Fletcher; 13. The Portrayal of Women in the Media: The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful, Shari Graydon 14. The Impact of Television, Tannis MacBeth; 15. The Mass Media and Canadian Identity, James Winter

Part 4: Control and Policy

16. Stroking the Airwaves: The Regulation of Broadcasting by the CRTC, John Meisel; 17. The Evolution of a National Press Policy: Ownership and Social Control in the 1990s, Andrew M. Osler; 18. Canadian Media Ownership and Control in an Age of Global Megamedia Empires, John Hannigan; 19. Getting Down to Business: Cultural Politics and Policies in Canada, Will Straw

Part 5: Social Problems and the Media

20. The Mass Media and Violence, Eugene Tate; 21. Is Pornography Criminogenic? The Career of a Moral Problem, Augustine Brannigan; 22. "Please Adjust your set": Media and Minorities in a Multicultural Society, Augie Fleras

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