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Guide to Canadian English Usage

Available for the first time in paperback.

What is the difference between sympathy and empathy? Is a collaborator the same thing as a collaborationist? What about contemporary and contemporaneous? Is it acceptable to say "equally as good"? Should it be demur or demure? Ketchup or Catchup? Which verb number follows "each"? The complexities of the English language can be daunting for even the most fluent speakers. Almost anyone engaged in formal writing - letters, reports, memos, school essays - will sometimes need to consult a usage guide for advice on matters such as these.
'For lovers of the language and/or the True North, the Guide to Canadian English Usage is a most welcome addition to your collection of interesting, informative lexicons.'--Globe and Mail
'A book to end all arguments, it should also prove invaluable to word-smiths of all stripes.'--Halifax Daily News
'Splendidly comprehensive, beautifully organized, lucidly written, this book seems certain to become not only the standard reference work on its subject but also an important contribution to the ongoing debates about how language is used . . . Buy it and keep it and use it.'--Canadian Literature

Edited by Margery Fee and Janice McAlpine. Published by Oxford University Press, 1997.
Catalogue No. 0-19-541619-8
Price $24.95
Format Softcover
Pages 560
Language English only
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