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What is Canada?

The Ultimate Canadian Quiz Book

What is Canada? The Ultimate Canadian Quiz Book    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-1-897278-50-5
Pages 392
Language English only
Price $18.95
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Written by Dan de Figueiredo.
Published by Blue Bike Books, 2008.


What is Canada? is the ultimate quiz book with questions, trivia, and fun facts about Canada.

This Canadian quiz book is an exciting, interesting, and often surprising way to discover how Canada is embedded in history and pop culture both at home and abroad. Test your knowledge on Canadian quotes, emblems, holidays, history, words, language, sports, geography, wildlife, science, arts, entertainment, literature, crime, and First Nations:
  • On February 5, 2008, which former Prime Minister's signature sold for $7,850 on eBay?
  • At the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which Canadian athlete was stripped of his gold medal after testing positive for steroids?
  • Which Canadian province was the last to grant women the right to vote?
  • In the 1981–82 season, which Edmonton Oiler scored 92 goals in 80 games?
  • What German-born, Canadian scientist won the 1971 Nobel Prize for Chemistry?
  • In 1925, Canadian Gideon Sundback perfected what clothing fastener?
  • What 1993 John Candy film is about a Jamaican bobsled team?
  • What current sport has descended from what the Ojibway called bagg'adowe?
  • What university is named after the first bishop of Québec?
  • Which province holds an annual festival celebrating peat moss?
  • In the language of the Inuit, what does Nunavut mean?
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