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Weird Canadian Traditions and Superstitions

Weird Canadian Traditions and Superstitions    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-1-897278-58-1
Pages 240
Language English only
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Written by Lisa Wojna.
Published by Blue Bike Books, 2009.


Don't walk under ladders! Place a star on top of your Christmas tree. Ancient, entertaining and sometimes-quirky folklore enriches all cultures. But what of the uniquely Canadian superstitions and traditions practiced across the country?
Weird Canadian Traditions and Superstitions introduces you to some of our quirky and amusing customs and practices:
  • According to Canadian prairie etiquette, if a neighbour brings you a plate of food, you must return the plate dirty; washing it will bring bad luck
  • In Alberta, picking blackberries after October 11 is bad luck because by this time in the year, the devil has surely laid claim to the remaining berries
  • A First Nations ritual advises blessing a new home by taking smouldering sage from room to room and saying prayers; this will banish evil spirits and ill feelings
  • The first to celebrate Thanksgiving in North America was actually explorer Martin Frobisher and his crew in 1578 and not the Massachusetts pilgrims
  • In dustbowl Depression-era Saskatchewan, it was believed that a red sky at night in the springtime meant that the next day would be a windy one, too windy for farmers to seed
  • According to one old folktale, a schooner captain off the coast of Nova Scotia turned back to port when he discovered one of his crewmen had grey mittens; undertakers wore grey mittens, so it was like asking for death on the journey
  • And so much more…
Author Lisa Wojna has worked in the community newspaper industry as a writer and journalist and has travelled all over Canada, from the windy prairies of Manitoba to northern British Columbia, and even to the wilds of Africa. Although writing and photography have been a central part of her life for as long as she can remember, it's the people behind every story that are her motivation and give her the most fulfillment.

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