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Market Research Handbook 2008 Edition

Market Research Handbook reveals the Canadian marketplace as no other statistical resource can. With first hand results from more than 20 specialized Statistics Canada surveys, you will be prepared to meet all your marketing challenges.

Since 1975, the Market Research Handbook has been an authoritative source of socio-economic information reflecting key characteristics of local and national markets in Canada. By providing accurate and timely statistics on the changing demographics, standards of living and economic characteristics of Canadian society, the handbook helps businesses locate target markets, track their market share, and assess their competitive position.

Market Research Handbook offers:
  • easy-to-read pages of the most current and extensive demographic and economic data on the Canadian marketplace
  • more than 150 tables, 25 charts and graphs, and a glossary of terms
  • data from local, regional and national perspectives plus population estimates for 45 urban centres across Canada.
Table of Contents:

User’s Guide: How to profit from the Market Research Handbook
  • how to use the handbook
  • key socio-economic indicators
Population Growth
  • population of Canada, provinces and territories (1996, 2001 and 2006 Censuses)
  • population by age group and by sex
  • urban-rural population
  • couples in census families by presence of children
  • number of immigrants
  • full-time undergraduate enrolment by Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) and sex
  • census families by structure
  • household living arrangements
  • household type and size for private households
  • family structure by income group
Labour Market and Income Statistics
  • labour force by age, sex and and occupational category
  • employment by industry
  • labour force participation rates by sex
  • labour force, by age and sex, annual averages
  • number of employees by industry
  • employment by occupational category
  • gross domestic product at market prices, personal income, expenditure and saving
  • sources of personal income
  • personal disposable income
  • income distribution of taxfilers
  • income of individuals by source
  • average weekly earnings by industry
  • average market income and average income after tax for families and unattached individuals
  • average after-tax income of families
Consumer Expenditures
  • personal expenditure on consumer goods and services
  • average household expenditure, and average household expenditure by income quintile
  • food available adjusted for losses
  • volume and value of sales of alcoholic beverages
  • average expenditure on internet orders by individuals by region
  • spending on the internet by individuals
Housing and Household Characteristics
  • persons per household
  • home ownership and rented accommodation
  • occupied dwellings, by structural type
  • dwelling characteristics and household equipment
  • principal heating fuel
  • dwelling starts, completions and under construction by region and province
  • building permits issued
  • motor vehicle registrations
  • fuel and diesel sales
  • proportion of households without any phone
  • proportion of households with cellular phone only
  • residential telephone service
  • shopping on the internet by individuals, by type of product and service – window shoppers (those who browsed the internet but neither ordered nor paid over the internet)
  • shopping on the internet by individuals, by type of product and service – electronic orders
Macroeconomic and Financial Statistics
  • gross domestic product, income and expenditure based
  • GDP by industry
  • provincial GDP
  • government revenue and expenditure by level of government
  • selected financial statistics by industry
  • consumer and industrial price indexes
  • consumer credit
  • residential mortgage credit
  • national balance sheet accounts
  • business bankruptcies
  • business proposals
International Trade
  • receipts and payments by types of goods and services
  • Canadian exports and imports of goods and services, balance of payments basis, by geographic area
  • exports and imports by top twenty-five countries
  • exports and imports from selected areas, customs basis
  • provincial distribution of exports and imports
  • international travel receipt and payments
  • receipts and payments by type of investment income and investment income by geographical area
Business and Industry Statistics
  • number of establishments by industry and employment size
  • employment change based on average labour unit
  • retail sales and per capita retail sales by trade group
  • home centres and hardware store sales
  • retail value and sales of new motor vehicles
  • value and volume of sales of alcoholic beverages
  • food service and drinking places receipts
  • accommodation services
  • computer services
  • life insurance purchases
  • wholesale trade
  • manufacturing industries
  • principal statistics by employment size group
  • operating revenue according to type of service, for computer systems design and related services
  • internet service providers
  • architectural services industry
  • engineering services industry
  • real estate agents, brokers, appraisers and other real estate activities
  • advertising and related services
  • enterprise use of information and communications technologies by industry
  • business enterprise research and development characteristics by industry
  • environmental goods and services industry
  • innovative biotechnology firms by sector, size and province
Census Metropolitan Areas (Cities) and Census Agglomerations
  • population by age and sex
  • census families in private households
  • occupied private dwelling by tenure
  • labour force statistics by industry
  • labour income
  • income distribution of taxfilers
  • average household expenditures
  • migration by census metropolitan area
  • number of families and median income by type of family and by number of children
  • number of families and median income by type of family and by age of older partner or parent
  • population statistics by number of establishments by industry (NAICS)
  • crime statistics
  • projection population trends in Canada, 2006-2056
  • the working age population
  • a rising demographic dependency ratio
  • federal budgetary projections and debt
Data quality, concepts and methodology
  • explanatory notes for the tables

Published by Statistics Canada, 2008.

This is an annual publication. The 2008 edition was released April 2008. The previous edition was released March 2007, titled Market Research Handbook 2006.

Effective April 24, 2006, the PDF version of this title can be downloaded free of charge from Statistics Canada’s website:

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This page last modified: April 9, 2008

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