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How to Read a Nautical Chart (Captain's Quick Guides)

How to Read a Nautical Chart (Captain's Quick Guides)    
Format Laminated and folded with 14 panels of text and illustrations (approximately 23 x 11 cm, or 9 x 4 in)
Catalogue No. 978-0-07-159287-1
Language English only
Price $9.95
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Written by Nigel Calder.
Published by International Marine, 2008.


Your quick-reference, on-board guide to the symbology and shorthand notations used on nautical charts. This Quick Guide summarizes key charting conventions based on information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the International Hydrographic Office (IHO), and the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).

Nautical charts contain an incredible amount of information for those who know how to decipher them. But without a key to the symbology, a chart can be bewildering. Nigel Calder, one of today's most respected boating authors, helps you make sense complex system of signs, symbols, and graphic elements with this compact, waterproof, and nearly indestructible guide.
  • Understand what your chart is telling you
  • Interpret symbols and abbreviations
  • Translate chart labels for navigation buoys and lights
  • Understand raster and vector electronic charts
  • Relate what you see on deck and what your chart shows
Nigel Calder is widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost nautical writers. A diesel mechanic for more than 25 years, he has also been a boatbuilder, cabinetmaker, and machinist. Calder is a frequent contributor to boating magazines in the United States and Britain and the author and coauthor of several boating books including The Instant Handbook of Boat Handling, Navigation, and Seamanship.

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