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Quiet Revolution West

The Rebirth of Métis Nationalism

Quiet Revolution West: The Rebirth of Metis Nationalism    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-1-897252-21-5
Pages 245
Language English only
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Written by John Weinstein.
Published by Fifth House Ltd., 2007.


When the Manitoba Act of 1870 created the new Province of Manitoba within the Dominion of Canada, it was predominantly a Métis province. But in the process the Métis were left with no land base and little political control. The well-documented Red River and North-West Rebellions led to the execution of leader Louis Riel and what author John Weinstein calls "the dark period of the Métis Diaspora."

Although the Métis have been recognized in the Constitution as one of the three groups of Aboriginal peoples in Canada, they remain the landless subjects of the Canadian government, and for this reason Quiet Revolution West is a timely account of resistance.

Weinstein, an advisor to successive Métis leaders, traces Métis aspirations for political autonomy as a unique nation with its own land base within the Canadian federation. From Métis political activity and land claims campaigns in the 1960s and 1970s, through to the political manoeuvring and constitutional wrangling of the first ministers conferences and failed accords of the 1980s and on into the new century, Weinstein highlights the contributions and disappointments of colourful Métis leaders such as Harry Daniels, Elmer Ghostkeeper, Jim Sinclair, and Clément Chartier. Detailed reviews of legal cases relevant to long-standing Métis claims to land and other rights are placed within context of the world-wide movement among indigenous peoples for greater political autonomy.
"Weinstein has given us a beautiful history of the Métis nation ... Quiet Revolution West is a vivid tale of constant struggle and sacrifice. It is a gripping account of political brinkmanship that will raise eyebrows in many quarters." – from the Foreword by the Right Honourable Paul Martin
"Quiet Revolution West fills an important gap in the literature on Métis political action in the late twentieth century." – Dr. Brenda Mcdougall, Department of Native Studies, University of Saskatchewan
About the author: John Weinstein began his work with the Métis political movement in the 1970s and has since acted as advisor to successive Métis leaders, enabling him to participate in and document many of the events in Quiet Revolution West. He has contributed to a number of Royal Commissions and participated in work at the United Nations on indigenous rights questions.

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