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September 2000 News - Page 1


The Practitioner’s Income Tax Act 18th Edition, 2000
The new edition includes the text of the Income Tax Act and Income Tax Application Rules fully annotated, as amended to July 15, 2000. Also included are the 2000 Budget measures, April 18th draft regulations regarding registered pension plans, June 5th Notice of Ways and Means Motions, and the June 22nd draft legislation. Edited by David M. Sherman.
0-459-28579-3 $75.00

Understanding Income Tax For Practitioners 2000-2001
This is a straightfoward, practical guide to the Canadian income tax system. The text concentrates on tax topics generally included in the study programs of national accountant professional associations. The 2000-2001 edition is the 13th edition of Professor Huot's leading introduction to Canadian income tax, and will benefit practitioners and students interested in the intricacies of Canada's tax system. 0-459-28583-1 (Carswell) $95.00

Also New From Carswell

Ontario Securities Act, Regulations and Rules 2000, 29th Edition 0-459-26068-5 $56.00
Ontario Provincial Offences 2001 Pocket Edition 0-459-26051-0 $52.00
Pocket Criminal Code 2001 0-459-26053-7 $28.95
Canadian Income Tax Act With Regulations 71st Edition, 2000
The 71st edition contains the consolidated texts of the Income Tax Act, R.S.C. 1985 (5th Supp), c.1; the Income Tax Application Rules, R.S.C. 1985 (2nd Supp), c.2; and the Income Tax Regulations, amended to July 15, 2000. All pending amendments to the Income Tax Act or its regulations are reproduced in place. Each proposal appears in a box immediately following the provision affected. Department of Finance explanatory notes to pending amendments are also included.
B618 (CCH) $70.00

Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada 2000-2001
The text explains the major provisions of the federal Income Tax Act. The annual “Beam and Laiken” is specifically designed for students studying introductory level taxation and others interested in developing a general understanding of Canadian federal tax law. In-depth commentary, multiple choice questions, exercises and model exam questions are included. Written by Robert E. Beam, Stanley N. Laiken, and James P. Barnett.
B621 (CCH) $65.95

Also New From CCH Canadian

Income Tax Bulletins, Circulars, Rulings 2000
B616 (CCH) $51.35
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