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Canadian Topographic Maps

Federal Publications is one of the largest retailers of Canadian topographic maps. Other names that people use for topographic maps are: topo maps, topos, NTS maps, ordnance survey maps, natural resources maps, nrcan maps, land maps or contour maps.
We carry large stocks, particularly for Ontario and recreational areas across Canada.

To find a topo map for your area:

Topographic Maps on CD-ROM are now a popular alternative to printed topo maps.

Customized Topographic Maps are now available to order.

Questions about maps? Please ask us.

New Maps!

The federal government announced a renewed commitment to topo maps and funding has been provided to update topo maps in high-demand, recreational areas. In addition, mapping of all of Canada's north progresses. Click below for the maps which have been released to date:
  • More to be released in the following months!
Note: Federal Publications always sells the most current edition of a map.

What are Topographic Maps?

Topographic maps are used for a wide variety of pursuits, from camping, canoeing and hunting to urban planning and surveying.

Topographic maps identify and illustrate numerous cultural and natural ground features, including:
  • Cultural Features: Roads, buildings, urban development, boundaries, railways, power transmission lines
  • Water: Lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, rapids
  • Elevation: Contour lines indicate mountains, valleys, slopes, depressions
  • Vegetation: Wooded and cleared areas, vineyards and orchards
  • Toponymy: Place names, water feature names, highway names
Waterproof Topographic maps. We now offer any topographic map in Canada on waterproof material.

Tyvek®. Some topographic maps are still available on Tyvek®.

If you are frequently searching for the location of places across Canada, you may be interested in the Gazetteer of Canada publications which provide easy access to the topo map number and exact latitude and longitude of places.

What does a topo map show? Here's the legend of all symbols that can appear on a Canadian topographic map.

Map Scales

The Canadian government produces two scales of topo maps. Each shows information about the natural and artificial features of the surface of the land, in differing levels of detail.
Ottawa topo map
  • 1:50,000. These maps provide the most detail and cover an area approximately 40 km by 28 km. Roads, bodies of water, land elevations - even individual buildings in rural areas. Perfect for hiking, biking, canoeing - you can even get a map showing the location of your cottage.
    1 cm=0.5 km / 1 inch=0.789 miles
  • 1:250,000. These maps give a general overview of a large area. They cover an area approximately 160 km by 110 km.
    1 cm=2.5 km / 1 inch=3.946 miles
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This page last modified: July 6, 2012

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