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Fight Your Tickets: A Comprehensive Guide to Traffic Tickets

Fight Your Tickets: A Comprehensive Guide to Traffic Tickets    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-0-9865446-1-3
Pages 364
Language English only
Price $24.95
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Written by Erick Jeffery & Max Smith. Published by Goodworks Press, 2010.


Received a traffic ticket in Ontario? If you're serious about fighting your tickets, and the possible resulting increase in insurance rates, then Fight Your Tickets is the book you'll need. The purpose of this book is to empower you, without any legal training, to successfully challenge your speeding or parking tickets.

The authors have over twenty-five years combined experience dealing with civil matters in front of the courts, arbitrators, and tribunals. After consulting Fight Your Tickets, you will gain new insights into the workings of our legal system and have enough knowledge to turn a potential failure into a success story.

  • Disclaimer
  • Preface
  • Canada's Laws and Court System
    • Canadian Judicial System
    • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    • Reciprocal Agreements
    • Caselaw and Jurisprudence
    • Importance of Caselaw and Jurisprudence
    • Absolute and Strict Liability Offences
    • Defence of Necessity
    • Ontario Provincial Offences Act
    • Mandatory Time Limits for Laying Charges
    • Right to Drive
    • Right to Issue Tickets
    • Child Support Payments and the H.T.A.
    • Samples of Bodily Fluids
    • Requirement to Wear Seatbelts
  • Parking Tickets
    • You've Received a Ticket
    • Options When You've Receive a Ticket
  • Speeding Tickets
    • Challenge a Speeding Ticket and Win
    • Laser Radar
  • Going to Trial
    • Requesting a Trial
    • Right to Trial in French
    • Notice of Trial
    • Application for Stay of Proceedings
    • Disclosure
    • Prior to the Trial
    • The Players
    • Plea Bargaining
    • How to Win a Ticket, Without Fighting It
  • In the Court and Afterward
    • The Trial
    • Pleadings and Motions Before the Court
    • Ignorance is NOT a Defence
    • Perjury, Bribery and Contempt
    • Reasons for Having My Ticket(s) Dismissed
    • Conviction Notice
    • Appealing a Conviction or Sentence
    • Non-Resident Fighting An Ontario Ticket
    • Court Appointed Interpreters
  • Appendices
    • Legal Definitions
    • Ontario Provincial Offences Courts
    • Set Fines and Victim Fine Surcharges
    • Insurance Rates
    • Accident Reporting
    • The Demerit Point System in Ontario
    • Demerit Points – Fines, Fees & Surcharges
    • Green Alternatives – Motorcycles, Mopeds & e-Bikes
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
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This page last modified: June 8, 2010

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