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Vancouver Island Fishing Mapbook, 1st Edition

Vancouver Island Fishing Mapbook    
Format Spiral-bound
Catalogue No. 978-1-897225-01-1
Pages 144
Language English only
Price $25.95

Written by Trent Ernst.
Published by Mussio Ventures Ltd., 2008.


The Vancouver Island Fishing Mapbook focuses on the best lakes and streams around the island. Whether you are looking for an urban getaway or a hidden mountain lake, there is always an active fishery. This is particularly true with the many rivers and streams that cascade their way down the mountains and out into the ocean. At any give time anglers can find bass, char, salmon, steelhead and trout, to name just a few. Some of these fish have been known to reach legendary sizes, while others will fill the pan perfectly on that backcountry camping trip. Some are easy to catch, while others are as wily as they are cunning. This is what makes Island fishing such a great challenge.

The Vancouver Island Fishing Mapbook is a result of a lot of research and the help of many knowledgeable anglers. Not only do you benefit from the Backroad Mapbook team, they have also consulted with the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, local writers and Island retailers to help refine the content. In addition to benefiting from many helpful eyes reviewing the content, readers can be assured the list covers most of the hot spots around the Island.

Features and Benefits:
  • 125 Lake Charts @ various scales,17 River Maps @ various scales
  • Lake Charts: Contour map or depth chart provided for each lake. Each lake and stream comes with a map key and location indicator. This feature, along with the access or driving directions, will help guide you into the lake.
  • Road Features: Complete classified road systems, road names and more
  • Longitude and Latitude: for the GPS user
  • Reference Section: Comprehensive write up on Fishing, Access Info, Facilities, Stocking Info, and more.
Contains information on over 130 lakes including:
  • Alice Lake
  • Antler Lake
  • Ash Lake
  • Battleship Lake
  • Beaver Lake
  • Beavertail Lake
  • Benson Lake
  • Blackjack Lake
  • Blind Lake
  • Blue Grouse Lake
  • Bonanza Lake
  • Boomerang Lake
  • Brannen Lake
  • Brewster Lake
  • Buttle Lake
  • Cameron Lake
  • Campbell River
  • Chemainus Lake
  • Circlet Lake
  • Comox Pond
  • Cowichan Lake
  • Cowichan River
  • Croteau Lake
  • Darkis Lake
  • Darlington Lake
  • Dickson Lake
  • Diver Lake
  • Doran Lake
  • Dougan (Rogers) Lake
  • Douglas Lake
  • Drum Lake
  • Durrance Lake
  • Echo Lake
  • Elk Lake
  • Elsie Lake
  • Englishman River
  • Esary Lake
  • Fairy Lake
  • Flora Lake
  • Florence Lake
  • Francis Lake
  • Frederick Lake
  • Fuller Lake
  • Georgie Lake
  • Glen Lake
  • Gold River
  • Goose Lake
  • Gordon River
  • Gracie Lake
  • Green Lake
  • Greenway Lake
  • Holden Lake
  • Hoomak Lake
  • Horne Lake
  • Iron Lake
  • Johnston Lake
  • Kains Lake
  • Kathleen Lake
  • Kemp Lake
  • Kissinger Lake
  • Klaklakama Lakes
  • Lady Lake
  • Lake Beautiful
  • Langford Lake
  • Larry (Hydro Hill) Lake
  • Lizard Lake
  • Lois Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Loon (Summit) Lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Lowry (Tuck) Lake
  • Maple Lake
  • Mariwood Lake
  • Matheson Lake
  • Maynard Lake
  • McCreight Lake
  • McKay Lake
  • McKenzie Lake
  • McLaughlin Lake
  • Mesachie Lake
  • Moat Lake
  • Mohun Lake
  • Muchalat Lake
  • Nahwitti Lakes
  • Nanaimo Lakes
  • Nanaimo River
  • Nimnim (Long) Lake
  • Nimpkish River
  • Oshinow Lake
  • Oyster River
  • Pachena Lake
  • Panther Lake
  • Pixie Lake
  • Priest Lake
  • Prior Lake
  • Prospect Lake
  • Puntledge River
  • Pye Lake
  • Qualicum Rivers
  • Quamichan Lake
  • Quatse River
  • Quennell (Fishhook) Lake
  • Quinsam Lakes
  • Quinsam River
  • Rhododendron Lake
  • Roberts Lake
  • Rooney Lake
  • Rosseau Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Salmon River
  • San Juan River
  • Sarita Lake
  • Shawnigan Lake
  • Somenos Lake
  • Sooke River
  • Spectacle Lake
  • Spider Lake
  • Sproat Lake
  • Sproat River
  • Stamp-Somas River
  • Stella Lake
  • Scuitto Lake
  • Stocking Lake
  • Thetis Lakes
  • Timberland (Blind) Lake
  • Toy Lake
  • Turnbull Lake
  • Turtle Lake
  • Victoria Lake
  • Weeks Lake
  • Westwood Lake
  • Wild Deer Lake
  • Willemar Lake
  • Wolf Lake
  • Woss Lake
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