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Bear Attacks in Canada

Bear Attacks in Canada    
Format Softcover
Catalogue No. 978-1-55105-562-6
Pages 224
Language English only
Price $18.95
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Written by Erin McCloskey.
Published by Lone Pine Publishing, 2008.


To be Canadian is to hear the call of the wild, and one of our enduring symbols of wilderness is the bear. All three species of this magnificent carnivore—black, grizzly and polar—can break your neck with a simple swat of their massive arms and clawed paws. Learning to avoid a bear attack is essential information that everyone should have before they explore the great outdoors. Failure to do so can result in needless tragedy in terms of both human and animal loss of life. It is your behaviour that can make all the difference and your best defence is to learn everything you can about bears and act accordingly.

That’s where this book comes in. You’ll discover how bears communicate, what they eat, how they socialize, what habitat they use, what time of year they are active, what they do around their cubs and what their various vocalizations signify.

Bear Attacks in Canada features:
  • stories of bear attacks, both historical and contemporary, showing how suddenly and unexpectedly bears can severely injure and kill humans
  • detailed information of each bear species, including illustrations, range maps and black and white photographs
  • population densities
  • typical dangerous behaviours to avoid
  • survival techniques
This sensitive book explores the often-fatal relationship between bears and humans and sheds insight on how we can learn to better share the Canadian wilderness with the largest carnivore on the continent.

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