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Jasper National Park: Maps and Books

Going to Jasper National Park? Whatever your plans in Jasper, you'll enjoy the experience more with these maps and books.

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Topographic Maps for Jasper

Jasper National Park 083C02 Cline River 083C03 Columbia Icefield 083C04 Clemenceau Icefield 083C05 Fortress Lake 083C06 Sunwapta Peak 083C07 Job Creek 083C10 George Creek 083C11 Southesk Lake 083C12 Athabasca Falls 083C14 Mountain Park 083C13 Medicine Lake 083D08 Athabasca Pass 083D09 Amethyst Lakes 083D10 Ptarmigan Creek 083D16 Jasper 083D15 Lucerne 083D14 Valemount 083F05 Entrance 083F04 Miette 083E01 Snaring River 083E02 Resplendent Creek 083E03 Mount Robson 083E08 Rock Lake 083E07 Blue Creek 083E06 Twintree Lake 083E05 Chalco Mountain 083E09 Moberly Creek 083E10 Adams Lookout 083E11 Hardscrabble Creek 083E12 Pauline Creek 083E16 Donald Flats 083E15 Pierre Greys Lakes 083E14 Grande Cache 083E13 Dry Canyon 083L03 Copton Creek 083L04 Kakwa Falls
This index shows the topographic maps available for Jasper National Park. Each map (e.g. 83C/13) covers an area approximately 40km by 28 km (scale 1:50,000).
  • Paper maps and Waterpoof maps are normally sent pre-folded. If you would prefer that we send them rolled in a tube, please specify in the Special Handling Instructions field on our Shipping Information page during checkout.
  • Tyvek maps are only available pre-folded and stock is limited.
  • Topographic maps show the detail of the land and its surface features. They do not show water depths.
Map Number Scale Name Paper
083C02 1:50,000 Cline River Not Available
083C03 1:50,000 Columbia Icefield Not Available
083C04 1:50,000 Clemenceau Icefield Not Available
083C05 1:50,000 Fortress Lake Not Available
083C06 1:50,000 Sunwapta Peak Not Available
083C07 1:50,000 Job Creek Not Available
083C10 1:50,000 George Creek Not Available
083C11 1:50,000 Southesk Lake Not Available
083C12 1:50,000 Athabasca Falls Not Available
083C13 1:50,000 Medicine Lake Not Available
083C14 1:50,000 Mountain Park Not Available
083D08 1:50,000 Athabasca Pass Not Available
083D09 1:50,000 Amethyst Lakes
083D10 1:50,000 Ptarmigan Creek Not Available
083D14 1:50,000 Valemount Not Available
083D15 1:50,000 Lucerne Not Available
083D16 1:50,000 Jasper
083E01 1:50,000 Snaring River Not Available
083E02 1:50,000 Resplendent Creek Not Available
083E03 1:50,000 Mount Robson Not Available
083E05 1:50,000 Chalco Mountain Not Available
083E06 1:50,000 Twintree Lake Not Available
083E07 1:50,000 Blue Creek Not Available
083E08 1:50,000 Rock Lake Not Available
083E09 1:50,000 Moberly Creek Not Available
083E10 1:50,000 Adams Lookout Not Available
083E11 1:50,000 Hardscrabble Creek Not Available
083E12 1:50,000 Pauline Creek Not Available
083E13 1:50,000 Dry Canyon Not Available
083E14 1:50,000 Grande Cache Not Available
083E15 1:50,000 Pierre Greys Lakes Not Available
083E16 1:50,000 Donald Flats Not Available
083F04 1:50,000 Miette Not Available
083F05 1:50,000 Entrance Not Available
083L03 1:50,000 Copton Creek Not Available
083L04 1:50,000 Kakwa Falls Not Available

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Ask us or try the online "search by map number, place name, or coordinates" website.

Other Maps of Jasper National Park

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We also carry some useful publications about enjoying Jasper National Park

Frommer's Banff & Jasper National Parks, 3rd Edition on sale $11.99
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