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Wilderness Canada

Travel adventure at its best, Wilderness Canada offers the lure of the Far North. Stretching from Hudson Bay to Alaska, between Davis Strait and the Beaufort Sea, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory encompass hundreds of thousands of square miles. Seemingly endless tundra, interlaced with innumerable rivers and lakes, majestic mountains, impenetrable woods, and year-round ice - together these scenes fashion a primeval natural landscape of unimaginable dimensions.
Magnificent images depict the overwhelming expanse and variety of this unspoiled landscape with its unique flora and fauna, and sensitively portrays the life and culture of the Native populations who call this area home.
Highlights of the region are illuminated in the informative inserts on special topics, while the travel section provides practical hints and valuable tips for those who wish to discover this unique travel destination on their own.
Photography by Wolfgang R. Weber. Text by Karl Teuschl. Published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing, 1995.
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Last modified: February 13, 2000

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