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Trucking in Canada 2004 - PDF File

Trucking in Canada provides a comprehensive overview of the Canadian trucking industry, both for-hire and private (own account). It includes statistics on revenues and expenses, equipment, investment, employment, commodities transported, origin and destination. In addition to special feature articles, there is a glossary and an explanation of data quality measures and methodology.
The 2004 issue of Trucking in Canada contains the results from the Quarterly and Annual Motor Carriers of Freight Surveys. Also included are the results from two special studies on the trucking industry. The first study provides a socio-economic profile of truck drivers, which is Canada’s most popular occupation among men. The second study takes an in-depth look at the competition for space on the nation’s roads.

Published by Statistics Canada, 2006.

Note: Statistics Canada released Trucking in Canada 2004 on February 13, 2006, as a PDF file for $42.00. Effective April 24, 2006, Statistics Canada will offer this PDF file free of charge. It can be downloaded from Statistics Canada’s website:

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