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The Struggle for Dominance on the Digital Frontier

Free-For-All: The Struggle for Dominance on the Digital Frontier offers a critical analysis of the extraordinary climate of techno-optimism engendered by the Digital Revolution, and the complex set of interests and circumstances that conspired against its loudly trumpeted arrival. It is a story of how, in the free-for-all race to cash in on the communications revolution, technological promise and public expectations were frustrated by ambition, greed, paranoia, opportunism, and muddle.
"Matthew Fraser takes us deep into the arteries at the heart of Canada's telecom and broadcast industries. The dark world of politics, intrigue, regulation, and power he exposes is enough to make us wonder: Will Canada be part of the new era?" - Terence Corcoran, Business Editor, National Post
"Fraser has turned the often mundane exploits of the new generation of robber barons in the communications and broadcasting industries into an authoritative and well-written detective story. His book will prompt a mixture of anger and awe at the way corporate greed and influence have been able to dominate, with the help of a supine regulatory agency, both the business and cultural aspects of what will arguably be our most important industries in the twenty-first century." - Hugh Windsor, National Political Columnist, Globe and Mail

A Globe and Mail Book of the Year Selection.
Written by Matthew Fraser. Published by Stoddart Publishing Co, 1999.
0-7737-6116-0 $24.95

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