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On the Street: How We Created the Homeless

On the Street: How We Created the Homeless examines the circumstances that have led to this situation and explores possible remedies. More people are now living below the poverty line in Canada than at any previous time in our history, even as our society has become more affluent. The middle class is reclaiming the inner cities, replacing old affordable housing with upscale real estate. And mentally ill Canadians have been moved into local communities which have neither planned for the influx nor allocated the resources for dealing with the strain it has put on special housing. The convergence of these economic, social and health care trends has left thousands homeless. Author Barbara Murphy's arguments and lucid style make this a must-read for any Canadian who cares about the kind of society we are creating.
Written by Barbara Murphy. Published by J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc., 2000.
1-896239-68-4 $19.95

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Last modified: October 23, 2000

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