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User’s Guide - NBC 1995: Housing and Small Buildings (Part 9)

Please Note: The National Building Code 2005 is now available. User’s Guide – NBC 2005, Application and Intent Statements (CD-ROM only) is expected to be released in 2006.

This User’s Guide has been prepared to help users of the National Building Code (NBC) have a better understanding of the requirements of Part 9, Housing and Small Buildings.
Knowing the objectives of the requirements, and the general principles on which they are based, should assist the user in applying them.

Part 9 of the NBC applies to buildings up to 600 m2 in building area or not more than 3 storeys in building height provided they are not classified as assembly, care and detention, or high-hazard industrial buildings.
The primary objectives of Part 9 are to provide reasonable levels of health, fire safety and structural sufficiency in housing and small buildings.
Part 9 applies to new buildings, and to the demolition, relocation, alteration or change in use of existing buildings. The requirements necessary to achieve these goals are complex, and can present the NBC user with a formidable challenge. Hence the value of this Guide.

Whether you are constructing a new building or changing an existing one, this Guide is designed to provide you with the information you need to design healthy, fire safe and structurally sound buildings.

Published by the National Research Council Canada’s Institute for Research in Construction, 1998.
Catalogue No. NRCC 42049
Price $57.00
Format Softcover
Pages 277
Language English; Aussi disponible en français
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This page last modified: May 16, 2005

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